Monday, 21 December 2009

After the fall

snowflakes fell all the dark day
all the dark night
one more flake
two at a time
three, four, fourteen, forty

woodpecker in the forest
keeping rhythm to my work
passing under the tree
snow falls on my head
like chicken little
doing a snow plant

the shovel lovingly thrown in the garage
until the next deluge
for joy
rain falls

bugs awake from sleep
woodpecker drums in the forest
weary shovels keep time


rgl said...

Jenn, you capture the essence of snow in a very Canadian way. Thanks.

Friko said...

how wonderful! I have missed the poet in you up to now. Poetry is very much part of my life too, but I don't have the words myself. Perhaps that is something I could learn in the new year, trust in my own words.

Happy New Year in wonderful, snowy, Muskoka!