Monday 14 December 2009

CBC Radio - I am not amused

CBC has a wide range of 'local' signals: Barrie 91.5, Haliburton 92.3, Huntsville 94.3, but none of these have local content. They are becoming more 'popular', with shows (like Q). I am discouraged. Jian Ghomeshi is a gifted musician, formerly of Moxey Fruvous, but his recent interview, a blow-up with American Billy Bob Thornton featured on Q's YouTube channel,  made him famous!

Theoretically, Q is an arts program, but too many Americans, and too much American content for my taste. Other CBC tax-funded shows (radio and TV)  continue to feature International folks, including Americans, but without a Canadian-perspective. Without this this is just a plug for a book, or a particular concert. Yes, we are close to the US, but it would be astute to relate cultural events in the US, with a Canadian lens. Our systems are quite different in terms of education, health care and politics, to a lesser extent.

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