Thursday, 17 December 2009

Muskoka snow but how cold is cold?

After days of shovelling, and many of you cheering me on, I finished doing to poor 47 year-old roof. Thanks to hot baths, and muscle relaxants, my back is no worse than 'normal'!
Hubby has been cheering me on, too. I should explain that after 3 years of physio and massage therapy his back is fragile and the worse for wear (lifting my ill, late father).

You can see the pile of snow beside the cottage. I paced myself. I took it over a few days. If I can survive sitting for an anticipated 3-hour Board meeting tonight, that will be the worst of it!

We woke to -20 C. temperatures, nothing compared to those in the prairies, with Guy D, who reported -37 at his place!

You can see by my new header that the lake has just about given up its fight. The frost in the cottage window was a perfect mirror for the rising sun. One of those unexpected surprise photos!

The fog dances on the last of the open water. Soon it will freeze over. It is very thin ice right now!

The cats are totally bored, used to being outdoors for most of the day, and sometimes in the bush at night! They regularly pick fights with each other. We keep finding new toys. A box with crinkled up paper - we throw toys in and Oliver chases them. He loves boxes, as most cats do, here he is in Feb., 2008!

But Oliver decided to hide under the carpet, Sady was a bit confused. She is more dignified than he.

On a note of safety, with many building fires in wood stoves, be very careful. Remember to ensure that door steps are clean for easy entry and exiting, but also clear out around intake and other vents. Read more on my Ontario Seniors blog! My most recent post is about being prepared for taking a loved one into emergency. Many seniors are housebound in winter weather, as walking is treacherous.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: The cats just want to roam outside, a bag and a box just doesn't compare.

Carolyn said...

Jenn I hope you are feeling better. One of the requirements of my Ottawa house sit is that I can shovel the snow to keep the driveway clear and look after their cat. The Muskoka area clearly has the most snow on the ground across Canada outside of the mountains. I travelled to Ottawa via Sudbury, North Bay, Petawawa and there is snow but not what you was a beautiful drive though. Stay warm, stay safe and stay well.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photos of the snow and the cats! I guess they would much prefer to be outside though...

Azure Accessories said...

Your header photo is good thing when it is this cold it doesn't snow! :0)

As I type it is -19 here...brrrrrr!

I'm not a fan of winter any more, and I won't pretend to be...I'm starting to sound like my mother :0(

I used to love the winter and I did all the shoveling by hand was great exercise but had to stop 12 years ago do to back problems!
Enjoy your day...

Lucy said...

Aren't cats wonderful to live with? I don't know what I would do without our Suzie!

EG CameraGirl said...

Your new banner is lovely! Yes, it's best to pace yourself when doing any hard work.

It hasn't been that cold here, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

Poor kitties having to be inside. They will be very happy come spring.

I'm glad you survived the shovelling and hope you continue to take great care and keep safe and warm. Your pics of the snow are delightful though.

Friko said...

Of course I hope it will all come out well in the end and neither you nor your back take any real damage, Jenn, but I can't help envying you those magical sights. That lake is a poem!
The cats will get over it, they are wonderfully adaptable.

Best of luck!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Oh, how you must laugh when people like me post about how cold it is where we are.

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, Yogi! All is good now, though!

Judy said...

Hi, Jenn,
I laughed at the picture of Oliver climbing that thin branch!! Was he trying to catch a bird? My Gloria is an indoor only cat now - most people in the suburbs are doing that, but it does mean that you have to play with them more. Alas, I have been informed that I cannot even play with string properly! I have been relegated to lap only status!
Have a safe and Happy Christmas!!