Wednesday 16 December 2009

Note to self

This time remember to do up the handy quick ties on your boots! I went back up on the cottage roof (built in 1962!), to finish shovelling. Yesterday I forgot to tuck in  my pants. I sunk below my boots tops. It was cold.

I am making progress.You can how far along the one side  have dug!

The view is grand. I had to stop often, take a break, and have some water. It is good, honest work, though. There are many contractors in town who do this for cottagers who won't be back until spring.

Here is the satellite dish, quite buried! =>

Oh, look!  A helper!

Nope. Inspector!

Sady did her inspection and left me to my own devices, somewhat bored.
They love going on the roof. She shook her head as I seemed to be moving rather slowly.

It was a daunting job. Until I realized the the snow comes off in big chunks, stabbing it with the shovel like a dagger. I could shovel it overboard with panache! And the sun is shining, it was a lovely sunny break between the next "Lake Effect Snow Squalls", and whatever else winter was bringing us.

The trick with all these is that you have to clear the deck off, then shovel or kick it off of the roof onto the deck, then...clear the deck again! I spoke to someone at the gas pump, as we watched the guys on the arena roof. He told me he had a 4000 sq' home which he was contracted out to shovel the roof.

I only have a little more to do. I left this section as I was rather weary. I was standing on the part I had already cleared. Sady's inspection went well, you see!

Brian took my photo, he'd just come back from doing errands. 

 I watched five men clearing off the arena roof. Oh my!

These guys were working Thursday and Friday during the worst of the storm! They did not have the roof on on Tuesday. They were working rather quickly. It had been tarped.
A new cottage that they began in October...

The old one was torn down to make room for this one. They have been working in rain, snow, sleet, hail and snow squalls!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Looks like your new hobby is keeping you outdoors in the fresh air, fit, and out of trouble.

Lucy said...

What a job! I'm glad we don't ever get enough snow to have to do that!

Judy said...

Okay, you win! You have more snow than we do!! Can we stop having snow now?

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, Yogi, that it! Actually probably not. The miracles of the Internet.

We can't stop, apparently, another 15 cm and snow squalls today, with Lake Effect Snow, again! The lake has a thin layer of snow. I hope we don't lose any tourists!

Mary said...

oh, my....what a lot of work you have to do! That is way too much snow!

Vagabonde said...

Your snow is so beautiful. Even if it ever snows here, it will just barely cover the ground. I’ll just have to go to Canada for a week-end sometimes, or areas north. When we were in a bed and breakfast in Newfoundland last year the owner said we should come back in early March when there is still a lot of snow and the polar bears come by. That is tempting, but it’s a long way away!

Azure Accessories said...

What a job...great exercise but hard work!!! Great job you are your inspector! :0)


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: That is so much work. I'm proud of you for handling it.

An Unconventional Mummy said...

Great pictures, beautiful scenery but you can keep all of the snow to yourself...we don't want any.