Wednesday 30 December 2009

Seeking the light

banquets, pagan lights, festivity
human tradition lauds creativity

storytellers refine their facile art
fires burn and warm the heart

God's creatures furry or feathered
diurnal, nocturnal all are weathered   
Mother earth protects her progeny
her forte lack of genetic homogeny

migration precludes hibernation,
brumation yet not estivation
living well through the seasons
no matter rhyme nor shining reasons

snow squalls decorate our latches
turkey tracks in snowy patches
quietly broken: susurration
critters refrained from migration

raptors glide in silent forest
seeking sustenance in chorus
mice digging tunnels under snow
little whiskers afeared to show

noisy woodpeckers: spots of colour
frantic in their feeding fervour
daytime bashing scarlet heads
seeking insectum in their beds

squirrels shiver atop the section
grateful for goober-type selection
loudly warn at every instance
feline friends to keep their distance
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This is 4th draft for this one...I will mull it over and revise it later!  just don't want to lose it!
 For more info on brumation, estivation, etc..... Time to estivate


Eva Gallant said...

I Know what you mean--if I don't write things down, they could be gone in a minute! For me it's an age thing!

Linda said...

What a fantastic poem! I love the rhyme and the meter. You have included so much imagery and beauty. Lovely work, Jenn! Have a wonderful New Year,
filled with heart warming love!

Cynthia Short said...

Love the just don't see enough of it anymore! Thoroughly enjoyed it all!

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done again Jenn...Im not b ig rhyme and dimer...but i Like what you have done here

lv2scpbk said...

Was looking for CC but love the photo of the chipmunk in the bucket.