Monday drive to Canoe Lake Road Part 3

Mostly, for 2020, we drove to the hostage exchange, and hosted the grandkids during virtual school. Momma and Poppa worked from home.

Brockville | Merrickville

Anniversary trip


June 25 - 28

1.  Carleton Place =>  2.  Appleton => 3. Code Dr. birds.


Gramma Camp 2.0! 
Gramma camp 2.1
Gramma Camp 2.2
Gramma Camp 2.3

It's our week for grandies; Part 1
Gramma Camp Part 2
Gramma Camp Part 3
Gramma Camp Part 4
Gramma Camp Part 5

Thanksgiving Weekend Crown and Pumpkin Tour

Trip to Long Sault, part 1
Long Sault, part 2

Narrows Locks: headed to Napanee 1
South Frontenac to Napanee 2

Our kids took a trip Around the World!

This is a daycation saga!

Trip out west to see our youngest two grandies!
PreparationI packed my stuff!
Thursday, May 31st 1.  Getting There Off to YVR!
Friday, June 1st #2. Vancouver and kidlets!
Saturday, June 2nd #3.  Queen Elizabeth Park
Sunday, June 3rd #4. YVR, splashing,  sushi
Monday , June 4th #5.: YVR=>YYC, lunch in Canmore, drive to Deer Lodge, Lake Louise
Tuesday, June 5th #6a. Lake Louise,  6b. Canmore for lunch, hiking Johnson Canyon, and back to YYC.
Wed., June 6th #7a. Calgary's Inglewood Park, birding,   7b. The City of Calgary ,     7c. James Joyce Pub
Thursday, June 7th #8. Thursday trip home to Ottawa & Perth
Friday, June 8th #9. Friday, June 8th – recovery!
Saturday, June 9th #10. Recovery, Catching up after our trip

Mar. 23 – Another adventure
March 23rd trip – part 2
March 26 – part 3

Sat., March 10th's drive:
Narrows Lock to see the birds! #1
Narrows Lock to Newboro #2
Chaffeys Lock and Opinicon #3

March Break!
March Break with the Grandies!
March Break with the grandies- episode 2
March Break with the grandies – episode 3
March Break – episode 4

Amherst Isl. Ferry 2 (ferry video)

Trip to the Dominican Republic 1: Getting there
We visited the Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, near Samaná!

8. Friday, and home!

Perth Studio Tour 2017

Kingston –Part 1, here we come!
Kingston Trip – Part 2: Gord Downie Memorial 
Kingston Trip – Part 3 Dinner: Amherstview
Kingston Trip – Part 4: Amherst Island Ferry
Birds are flocking! (videos)
Kingston Trip – Part 6: Amherst Island, Wildlife, Topsy Farm!
We went to the beach, for last swims!

Grandsitting Day 6 (morning)
Grandsitting Day 6: Lombardy Fair

Grandsitting March Madness Day 1
Grandsitting March Madness Day 2
Grandsitting March Madness Day 3
Grandsitting March Madness Day 4
Grandsitting March Madness Day 5
Grandsitting March Madness: Going Home

Max Finkelstein said, "I hope we do better for the next 150 years."


South Wind Brigades PART 1 –arriving @Jones Falls
Hotel Kenny: Jones Falls
Brigades PART 2 – going up Jones Falls locks 42 => 39
South Wind Brigades PART 3 –departing Jones Falls
South Wind Brigade PART 4 – @Chaffeys Lock

Canada Flag by Curtis Wilson
We proudly own one.


Ottawa Valley's Great Fire of 1870
Burnt Lands Provincial Park Alvar
Communications Bunker from the Cold War

#1 Tupper Lake Trip
#2a The Wild Center (indoors) 
#2b Tupper Lake Trip; outdoor trails

#3 Tupper Lake Trip; the town
#4 Tupper Lake Trip videos
#5 Tupper Lake Painting
#6 Tupper Lake Trip; home again


Day trip to Golden Lake & Barry's Bay #1Day trip to Golden Lake & Barry's Bay #2Day trip to Golden Lake & Barry's Bay #3
Napanee Day Trip OVerviewThis is part of our serious lunch trip, 116 km!
Springside Park Napanee
Godfrey Sculptures Park & Radiance of the Ordinary

Wed., Aug. 24th: Montague, Beckwith; Day Trip: cranes, heron, otter, ducks
Guess who came for dinner?


Trip to Belleville for Jack-in-the-pulpit

My photos of our journey include:
fire in NapaneeTyendinaga Mohawk Territoryfuneral in Deserontotagged trains (hubby likes trains!), lunch in Napanee (beside the canal), and lots of sights, smells, and sounds.

Wolfe Island – What a delightful time hunting Snowy owls!


Rideau Lakes Artists Tour 2014
Chaffeys Lock Cemetery and Clear Lake CemeteryRideau Ferry Dock Opening
Daycation to Burnstown's House and Garden Tour
Ottawa's Cancer Survivor Park

We visited Vancouver, Fort Langley, Surrey (for the wedding), Stanley Park in May. I am slowly processing my photos, deleting the duds and grouping the various locales.

We have much fun visiting events in Ontario.
There are tons of festivals from which to choose. Many activities for we retirees!

Waiting for the Puppets Up! show

Puppets Up! in Almonte 2013

The parade!   – and the sights and sounds!   

1. Maxville's Glengarry Highland Games –sights and sounds
2. Glengarry Highland Games –sheep dogs, police, bands, heavyweight competitions! 
3. Final set of photos: Glengarry Highland Games

Lots going on: 

Tall Ships in Brockville 2013

What an amazing sight to see!
I created a few posts to better organise my photos!
We went onboard the PeacemakerMist of Avalon,
You can check out all of my ship photos here
This post features a slide show of the harbour sights. It was quite the event.

We travelled to BC in 2013!

Post #4 Next, we went to Duncan: Totem Poles

Wildlife in Muskoka: Algonquin Park wolves

In Algonquin Park

Moose Hunting in Algonquin Park: information & videos

Our 2009 trip north to Lake Superior 

Lake Superior Park: Gargantua Bay

Puppet Travelers: 

Granddaughter, Jofee,
helped me buckle him in!
Muffin Muncher, the dragon puppet, and Sir John, the dog puppet.
They are terrific travelers. They never get car sick. They love visiting. People smile when they see either of them.

  1. Sir John climbed the Dorset Tower
  2. Muffin went to Wheelers Pancake House!
  3. Sir John went to Prince Edward County Marine Museum
  4. Muffin Muncher visited the Perth Garlic Festival
  5. Sir John went to Kingston, and met Sir John
  6. Puppets Up!
  7. Sir John went to Stewart Park in 2011
  8. Faery Fest
  9. Smiths Falls House & Garden Show
  10. Herbfest in Almonte
  11. Festival of the Maples
  12. Sir John at Fort Henry
  13. Garlic Festival 2011
  14. Almonte Celtic Festival 2011
  15. Sir John in Kingston

  16. Art in the Garden Festival
  17. Perth Studio Tour
  18. Muffin Muncher visits the Smiths Falls train museum
  19. Sir John goes camping in MPP
  20. Sir John at Waring House
  21. Sir John and Muffin went to Muskoka
  22. Sir John at Muskoka Lakes Winery & Cranberry Bog
  23. Sir John goes to Tweed & Ottawa
  24. Muffin goes to a birthday party

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