Tuesday, 17 July 2018

It's our week for grandies; Part 1

Two weeks ago the girls were in Spy Camp | The Diefenbunker Museum.
 Last week, they rode the bus with Papa, and went to CSI camp, where they were looking for Billy the Kid (long story, I think!).

This week, it's Gramma Camp!

Sunday, July 15

They had been camping with friends over the weekend, about 10 km away at Murphy's Point Park. After camping they visited Gamma, the rat snake, in the interpretation centre.

Sunday afternoon, all arrived. They unpacked, did pit stops (you could tell from the forest debris in the bathroom!), and then began setting up for our week-long project. Our goal is to write a book for their cousin, Cluny, in Vancouver. We will use lego.
First, a swim after a snack.

More swimming.

Snackies: fruit

Our afternoon video: Shrek the 3rd. The animation is amazing.

Dinner: roast chicken & veggie tray, ice cream.

Teeth and jammies, and half of American Idol, we watched the other half the next night. Then, reading in bed and lights out. Whew. Day 1 done!

Monday, July 16

Most cartoons don't begin until 7 a.m., Izzy was up at 5:45. Seriously! She popped upstairs, and saying she could hear us walking around. Grampa went for his walk. We had brekkie.
We did Facetime with Momma in the morning! Her phone does really weird things!

Grampa and Izzy went grocery shopping, to the drug store, and to the video store. Jos and I decided to go swimming. After swimming, there was a Hooper snuggle. He likes his spot under the stairs.

Izzy was tired. She had a nap. She woke about 2:30, just as Jos and Grampa arrived home from shopping. Gum was involved.

Josee worked on the story we are writing for cousin Cluny, in Vancouver. We've worked out the plot, and just have to take the photos.

We have to do a big hair wash and conditioning, outdoors, we thought, so we chose products from Gramma's bucket. The rain storm kyboshed our plans, Josee did her hair in the shower.

We had a rain storm in the afternoon, 1.2 mm, not nearly enough.
Spiderman Homecoming video. We always have a video at 3 p.m.!

Dinner was corn-on-the-cob and ribs. Jos shucked all of the corn for me!
Dessert, rhubarb pie Izzy and Grampa bought on their morning shopping trip.

Another Facetime with Momma and Poppa. We reported our activities, but they preferred to see the funny faces!

There was nothing on TV. We all sat and read in the living room until bedtime. We all went down pretty well!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...and all I could focus on is how small that pool is getting... &*> Golly they are getting grown up, Jenn. I love how you all get so creative together. YAM xx

Anvilcloud said...

Us too, but you are much more ambitious and programmed than we are. We have been on a few bike rides, and played some table games.

Nancy J said...

Whew or is it Phew!!! What a fun filled jam packed day together. A new project, this will be another winner for sure. Sleep well.XXX

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you're having fun.

Angie said...

Can I come? It looks like SO much fun! It brought back great memories of our kids and water - they never met a stream, river, lake, pool they didn't like!!! We always finished our day with part of favorite family video - great way to calmly end the day!

DUTA said...

Your grandies are very cute, and the spectacles even add to this cuteness (although I find myself wondering, so young and already with spectacles...). I got my spectacles at 18 and I remember feeling too young for this, and it affected my mood. I could never get used to contact lenses (in those days they were not so sophisticated ) which are a good solution to the esthetique side.