We begin another nesting season!

May 16 – Wood duck boxes 2018

Both nesting boxes have protected 20 eggs (11 and 9), and they have flown.


Phoebe's 5 have flown, as well.

Submit your data online and contribute to Canada's national nest records database! There are lots of citizen science sites.


Tuesday, May 15th, in the veggie garden

I've reported a fair number!

2013 – Eastern Phoebe hatchlings: a photo story of their development
2014    Eastern Phoebe Phoebe #1 Phoebe hatchling progress - they've flown the coop!
Eastern Phoebe
 Wood duck on the nest
2015    Wood Duck Wood #2
Wood Duck Wood duck #1 Wood duck nesting boxes: they flew the coop!

2016    Barred Owl
Update on the phoebe nest

Wood Duck Nest box #1

2017    American Robin robin: shed
Barred Owl Barred owl in tree
Eastern Phoebe: Phoebe nesting progress 
 Wood duck nesting progress
2018    Chipping Sparrow veggie garden
 Eastern Phoebe Shed
Wood Duck Wood Duck #3
Wood Duck Wood Duck #2
Wood Duck wood duck #1

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