These are the critters we find out and about!

I found a bird tracker, Hawk Mountain,  including Muskoka.



Wood ducks arrived in April. They have a nest, April 17.
🐣PHOEBE  hatches May 22.
I think the Crows 🐦 hatch May 24-ish.
The 🐣ROBIN began laying, May 20.


May 16 – Wood duck boxes 2018

Both nesting boxes have protected 20 eggs (11 and 9), and they have flown.


Phoebe's 5 have flown, as well.

Submit your data online and contribute to Canada's national nest records database! There are lots of citizen science sites.

Cedar waxwing built a nest in the pine tree in 2015: Cedar waxwing talesGathering nesting materials📹!


Tuesday, May 15th, in the veggie garden

I've reported a fair number!

2013 – Eastern Phoebe hatchlings: a photo story of their development
2014   Eastern Phoebe Phoebe #1 Phoebe hatchling progress - they've flown the coop!
Eastern Phoebe
 Wood duck on the nest
2015   Wood Duck Wood #2
Wood Duck Wood duck #1 Wood duck nesting boxes: they flew the coop!

2016   Barred Owl
Update on the phoebe nest

Wood Duck Nest box #1

2017   American Robin robin: shed
Barred Owl Barred owl in tree
Eastern Phoebe: Phoebe nesting progress 
 Wood duck nesting progress
2018   Chipping Sparrow veggie garden
 Eastern Phoebe Shed
Wood Duck Wood Duck #3
Wood Duck Wood Duck #2
Wood Duck wood duck #1

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