Monday, 18 June 2018

7b. The City of Calgary

Mallards in Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary.

After our big trek around the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, I needed some lunch. We headed off to the pub in Calgary.

 I drove, JB navigated. We parked, and spotted a hare running along the parking lot, parallel to the sidewalk!

Something happened here! It's good seeing police on bikes. The motorcycle looked a bit iffy!

I don't know! Maybe they were playing Pokémon Go? 

The horses in front of city hall are lovely. We were pretty tired after tromping around.

Picture via

I like taking photos of people taking photos! This is a lovely spot, Olympic Plaza.

I don't know if you can read the signage on the bus: "training bus"

There were statues of the Famous Five. I'd seen the one in Ottawa and didn't know they had them here! In brief, these are the five prairie women who managed to convince the all-male government to allow women to be declared 'persons.'

  • Part of the Famous Five monument on Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • They sought to have women legally considered persons so that women could be appointed to the Senate.

Then there was this really neat building being built.

As I was sitting in the pub (which I will show tomorrow), I noticed a yellow jacket building a nest. It was cool. I ignored it, except for taking close-ups, and it just did its work.

 yellow jacket wasp
Yellow jacket from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Our trip west

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Friday, June 1st #2. Vancouver and kidlets!
Saturday, June 2nd #3. YVR's Queen Elizabeth Park
Sunday, June 3rd #4. YVR, splashing,  sushi
Monday , June 4th #5.: YVR=>YYC, lunch in Canmore, drive to Deer Lodge, Lake Louise


DUTA said...

The horses are an interesting sight. In many places in Europe, it's lions that 'watch' government places,or famous bridges and buildings.

Jenn Jilks said...

That's true, Duta, but this is cowboy country! The average size of farm is 800+ acres!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Love those sculptures, equine and not! Am away with only the tablet, so curtailin commdnts but stoll reading!!! YAM xx

Red said...

Calgary is a great city but too big for me.

Nancy J said...

What a great place, love those horses, and the wasp? That is what we call them down here, they make nests in the ground, and their sting is very fierce!! Lots of noise when you had your meal? Guess that is normal, we were at a local café a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday, about another 40 people there, and I found all the talking so loud. Maybe so used to a quiet home!!!

Tom said...

...I saw a Famous Five monument at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, it was very impressive.

William Kendall said...

At some point I recall the Famous Five having a matching set out west.

Christine said...

Nice to see a bit of Calgary.

Weekend-Windup said...

Beautiful videos. Duck swimming along with its duckling and a yellow wasp building its house:)
Beautiful sculptures!
Horses in front of the hall looks good:)
Beautifully and unique constructed buildings:)

Powell River Books said...

Love cities that provide sculptures, murals and art for people to enjoy in the heart of busy cities. Plus natural areas with trees and plants. - Margy