Sources of data

UCDSB - our local school board.

"In Ontario, 18 classrooms in Ottawa's French Catholic School Board (24 cases Sept. 14, now 33 classes in isolation) are in isolation, with 13 confirmed cases."

PEI has closed schools.


October 15

October 14

October 13

October 12

October 8

October 7

October 5

October 4th –

Oct. 1


Sept. 29

September 27 – 16

September 24 – ↘ 16

September 22 – ↘ 20

September 21 – ↘ 23

September 20 – ↘ 26

September 17 – ↗33

Ontario School Tracker: 348 schools with active cases  



OCSB COVID-19 Dashboard

 French Catholic School Board doesn't feature a summary chart! Total: students and staff: 27 cases, 39 classes in isolation.

September 16th: COVID protestors

The teary-eyed and disgraced co-founder of “Canadian Frontline Nurses” Kristen Nagle made a statement tonight regarding the disastrous hospital protests she organized.

CFN aren't who they say they are.

Canadian Frontline Nurses Founder Says They Won’t Be Back At Protests

The teary-eyed and disgraced co-founder of “Canadian Frontline Nurses” Kristen Nagle made a statement tonight regarding the disastrous hospital protests she organized.

She said, in the video, that they get a half day on how and where to inject the vaccine, but no information on its efficacy. Crikey.

Sept. 15th – ↗31

Sept. 14th – ↗25

Kingston Hospital

September 13 – ↗21 cases in our health unit

⭐️⭐️ BREAKING NEWS ⭐️⭐️ Ontario schools are reporting 273 cases of COVID-19 as of 6:00 PM on Monday, September 13th. On this date last year, there were 15.

— Ryan Imgrund (@imgrund) September 13, 2021

Alberta:             16,000 active cases (pop. 4 million) 1400 new cases
Saskatchewan:     3700 active cases (pop. 1.2 million) 400 new cases
Ontario:               6,000 active cases (pop. 15 mill) 600 - 800 new cases

September 10 – 14 cases in our health unit

September 9 – ↗13 cases

Where we are at in September

Here in Canada (population 38 million), our Prime Minister Trudeau has mandated vaccines for federal employees. Healthcare, in Canada, is a provincial mandate and he cannot force this on Ontario (pop. 15 million), where I live. Here, 85% of eligible citizens have had one dose, 77% are fully vaxxed. In our local health unit, in southeast Ontario, we've the highest vaccination rates of all of Ontario at 92% first dose for eligible people (age 12+), 86% are fully vaxxed as of Aug. 30th. 

 Since Ontario introduced these measures (the Conservative government originally dug in its heels), there has been an uptick in the numbers of people who are getting vaccinated. This is the bottom line. 

 That said, there have been extraordinary protests after British Columbia (B.C) has introduced vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. Quebec came out with vaccine passports, B.C., Manitoba, and Ontario are following. Ontario is requiring these passports for attendance at sporting events, bars, restaurants,. Various businesses are demanding them, as well. Passports are on a QR code.


September 8 – ↗1 case here, 2 healthcare workers included in the total: 12

September 7 – ↗10 cases, none here

September 3 – ↗9 cases, none here in Lanark West


September 2

The Science Table released a projection (PDF) of the fourth wave.


August 30 –  ↗11

August 27 – ↘ 9

August 26 – ↗11 

August 24 –  ↘ 9 cases here.

August 23 – ↘ 16 cases

August 20 – ↗18 cases.

"More than 93 per cent of those COVID-19 patients in ICUs are unvaccinated and more than 78 % of coronavirus patients in hospital have yet to receive a first shot."

In the US: 



August 19 – up to 16

August 18th –  15 cases in our health unit (7 here)

August 16th – we jumped to 12 cases! 😠

There was an article on iPolitics that stated that all Liberal MPs have had a vaccine. We think our COVID-denier independent MPP has had his, as he refused to tell!

August 14th
This is a great video of vaccines by country.

August 12

The US is a bit of a mess.

Canada Aug. 12

August 10th – 4 cases on Monday the 9th; 3 the 10th of August

Cases are rising, again.

Our new chief medical officer had some difficult messages. This thing isn't like a cold virus. We worry about our kids in school.

As children acquire this infection at a low level, they'll build natural immunity like any cold virus and it will become seasonal. How long that takes could be several years." -- Dr. Kieran Moore, CMOH, Aug 10.

August 1

Here we are in August, cases were going down, with only three in our health unit. The numbers are beginning to rise in Ontario. School begins in a few weeks. Child care centres are having issues. 

The USA is a mess. Most cases are people who haven't been vaccinated. Something like 99%.


July 30

Our World in Data – an open source web page.

Those in hospital are people without a vaccine in them.

July 23 – Canada is opening up the border to Americans Aug. 9th. The US isn't opening up until Aug. 21!
All this despite the fact that many US states have appalling immunization rates. Their new cases continue to rise.

July 21 – our health unit has the highest rate of needles in arms!

As of July 20, the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit continues to have the highest vaccination rate in Ontario, as 87 % of individuals aged 12+ in the region have received their first dose, and 67 % have their second dose.

From Ontario data 

July 19 – up to 5 cases.

After mocking Canada for not vaccinating as many citizens as they have, Canada has surpassed the US. Not only that, but there there is a resurgence in the US, where people in counties have all avoided getting a vaccine. Most (99.5%) of recent hospitalizations have been unvaccinated patients. 

July 15 – a jump to 4

My Shop, My Rules? July 13, 2021
Amy Kaler, a sociology professor at the University of Alberta, says during the height of the pandemic, when people were feeling a lot of stress, there was a lot “pandemic-related rage.” She believes a significant minority of people who “got a taste of that excitement” — and find the us-versus-them mentality to be intoxicating — now want to keep it going.

July 9 – things are slowing down. 

The Americans are anxious to open the border. They have hotspots, in areas where people are refusing the vaccine. 

The Americans, specifically Jake Tapper, made fun of Canada for being behind their vax rates. Happily we have passed them.

We are doing well. I think all of our kids have had their 2nd shots. Only one of granddaughters is old enough for a vaccine, she's had one dose. We are at 78.5% eligible peeps with a first dose. With 46.7% fully dosed.

July 6

July 2nd

It's slowing down.


June 29 

June 18

June 15

June 14

June 11 – ↗cases
We're opening up to stage 1, with numbers lowering, and people getting vaxxed. We had our first does April 17th, the second Wed., June 9th in a local pharmacy.

June 10 – ↗5 cases

June 9 – 3 cases

June 8 – 3 cases!

June 4 – we're down to 3 cases

June 3 – slowly coming down: 5.

June 2


May 31 – 17

May 28 – 28 cases

May 26 – ↗32 cases

May 25 – ↗30 cases

May 21 – ↗ to 26 cases 

May 20 – down to 23 cases

May 19 – 21 cases; 4 Lanark West

May 18 – 20 cases in the health unit; 2 cases in Lanark West

May 17 – 22 cases; 2 cases in Lanark West

May 14 – down to 26 cases, one here

May 13 – 32 cases

May 12 – 40 and 6

May 11 –  40 and 6 locally

May 7 – 52 active cases in our health unit.

May 6 – 55 active cases

May 5

May 3


April 30

April 29

April 27

April 26

April 25

April 19

There is one outbreak in long-term care. It is at Rideau Ferry Country Home. 

Ontario's Ottawa/Quebec checkpoints.

April 15 

April 14 

APRIL 12 – ↗ 118 in LGLDHU; our Lanark West 10 cases

We've an uptick in COVID–19 cases. Contact tracing is important, as well as information on potential exposure. We've often been to Kemptville and Brockville. Not these days!

Possible COVID-19 exposure at Kemptville Shoeless Joe's

Possible COVID-19 exposure at Brockville Walmart


How it started and how it's going. #JustStayHome pic.twitter.com/6K2Qm62xdD

— CanadaMaiden😷🇨🇦 (@MaidenCanadian) April 10, 2021

APRIL 9 – ↗ 103; Lanark West  – ↗ to 13

APRIL 8 – ↗ 85, Lanark West same 11

APRIL 7  – ↗77, Lanark West  – ↗11

We are waiting for our vaccines. Ontario has been horrid to roll out the clinics. The federal government contracted with other countries to get the doses. This was over the summer. The 10 provinces and 3 territories have control over healthcare. Each province, for the most part, is doing it differently. Ontario, my province, has had the vaccines delivered, but for some reason the provincial government was slow to design and build the online appointment decision. Our premier is holding back doses. Many do not know why. The case numbers are up, Peel has shut down its schools, and there are demands for others. It's interesting that the private schools are shutting for the month, with government permission. 


We've some controversy, as our Premier claims we don't have enough doses in Ontario. Our Federal Minister says we do.  

April 6 – ↗up to 74, our region Lanark West up to ↗10.

Ontario has been horrid to roll out the clinics. The federal government contracted with other countries to get the doses. This was over the summer. The 10 provinces and 3 territories have control over healthcare. Each province, for the most part, is doing it differently. Ontario, my province, has had the vaccines delivered, but for some reason the provincial government was slow to design and build the online appointment decision. Our premier is holding back doses. Many do not know why. The case numbers are up, Peel has shut down its schools, and there are demands for others. It's interesting that the private schools are shutting for the month, with government permission. 

April 5  – 68 cases ↓, Lanark West 9 (us) cases.

April 2 – 87 cases, 10 cases nearby at Rideau Ferry Country Home. 


March 29 – total 103 cases in LGLDHU, 41 in Lanark West.

March 27

March 26 – ↓ to 122 with 70 in West Lanark.

March 25 – ↓down to 125, including 70 in Lanark West.
In the meantime, our health unit's web page was down most of the day on Thursday. When it finally came back up, we were down from 140 cases, to 125. Neighbouring health units were up. It's not a good sign. 

March 24 – ↑back up: 140 in the health unit, 78 in Lanark West.

↓March 23 – down to 131 cases in LGLDHU, down to 74 in Lanark West today.

March 22 – 139 cases, 83 in Lanark West

We had quite a number of cases in the region, a huge new wave.
That's 76 new cases and 35 that have been resolved since Friday.

March 20
  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit: 27 new cases 
  •  Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington: 11 new cases 
  •  Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit: 32 new cases 
  •  Renfrew County and District Health Unit: 4 new cases 
  •  Outaouais (Gatineau and western Quebec): 48 new cases
March 19 – 98 cases, 52 in Lanark West

Since Feb., an outbreak

Ottawa Civic Hospital: All 240 staff working in the unit were initially tested after the first case was identified. Of those, 15 tested positive. A total of 27 patients on the unit subsequently tested positive. Meanwhile, one patient has died in a smaller outbreak at the hospital’s General campus, which began on Feb. 20, according to Ottawa Public Health. That outbreak, which infected three patients and five staff members, was over as of March 10. (JB was there March 11th.)

March 18th
☘March 17th – 94 cases, we're up to 51 in West Lanark

The health unit is working with Perth Curling Club. There has been inconsistent use of masks and social distancing (Mar. 5 - 12th). They are limiting activity in indoor sports venues, large halls, places of worship, and clubs. People are going to work with mild symptoms, spreading it to coworkers, family, and friends.

Mon., March 15th - 74 cases, 32 in Lanark West.

Friday, March 12th – 67 cases, 19 in our area.

Tues.,  March 9th – 56 cases, 8 in ours.

Mon., March 8th – 52 cases

March 5th – 48 cases

March 4th – 36

Health unit warns of increase in COVID-19 in east Lanark County Patrons of the Thirsty Moose, Carleton Place, may have been exposed to virus

They think it originated in a private party, they moved to the Thirsty Moose Pub, and spread through the community, to sports teams, businesses, school and day care.

February – 12 cases

January – 25 cases

Our local cases are going up.
Jan. 29
Jan. 28


Then, there is the rest of the world.

January 8
January 7


  • Jan 25 to Oct 20: 50,000 cases in Toronto
  • since, 8 weeks to double cases in Toronto

We've gone into a new level of risk. A yellow. We were green with few cases. We went from 0 to 9 cases in a week.
Dec. 22
Dec. 21
Dec. 11

Dec. 10

Dec. 9

Dec. 8
Dec. 7

Dec. 4


Nov. 13th – a press conference warned that in a month, assuming 5% increases in numbers, Ontario could be up to 6500 cases a day in December.

JB checked the US stats, and found the 6th worst US states are at infection rates of over 100 cases per 100,000. ND 175/100,000; but if Peel Health Unit was a US state it might be #4; Toronto would be #10.

The premier changed his mind.

The US is at records highs, as well.




The world


They are keeping track of school COVID cases.

Ontario has reported 313 new cases of COVID–19.
Seventy-eight per cent of Monday’s cases are from three regions: 112 in Toronto, 71 in Peel and 60 in Ottawa. Telling stats: 67 % of the cases are in people under the age of 40. Around 30,000 tests were completed.


July 30

July 26

July 22

July 20

July 18

July 17

July 13

July 12

July 11


July 3
Canada has recorded a total of 104,772 COVID-19 cases since the beginning of January.
Flag of United States
The United States has recorded 101,707 COVID-19 cases in the last two days.
Canada is doing much better than the US.

Racism and COVID–19 testing

June 15

June 4

May 31

May 27
COVID-19 has slowed, and most are in Toronto

Troops were sent to Ontario and Quebec LTC and it's not a good result, with 28, now 38, testing positive for COVID.
There are 1,675 service members taking part in the pandemic response operation in both provinces. Most of them are backstopping Quebec's network of long-term care homes.

 May 17

May 21

May 15

May 10

May 9
May 8

Dec. 31, 2019, there were 27 reported cases in China.

Feb. 11th, W.H.O. renamed this virus COVID-19., formerly it was called novel coronavirus (nCoV 2019).

May 5

May 2

Quebec is opening schools...

COVID–19 Lanark

They are tracking its sources in Canada.

April 23: LGLHU

April 22

April 20

April 18

April 17

April 16

Leeds, Grenville, Lanark

  • Highest rate of infection per capita: 129.9 cases per 100,000 people as of April 14
  • Haldimand-Norfolk, with 126.2/100,000
  • Windsor-Essex County has the third highest, at 80.5. In LGL, long-term care and retirement residence cases account for 63 per cent of positives as of April 14
  • five long-term care centres — all in Lanark County — are currently experiencing outbreaks. 
  • outbreaks have led to 24 deaths; another three community deaths bring the total number of lives lost to the virus to 27 in the tri-county area.

April 14

April 13

April 12

April 11

April 10

Leeds, Grenville, Lanark Health Unit

April 9 

Strangely, the numbers went down from last night!

April 8

1600 Nurses travel from Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit, Michigan, every day.

Canada is doing pretty well with COVID-19. We've the lowest rates per capita [Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak], despite Quebecers not heeding the warnings. We've 1 case per 100,000. The US has 4/100,000. Spain and Italy about 30/100,000.
Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak

I'll just leave this here.

April 7

April 6

April 5

April 4

April 3

April 2nd

April 1

March 31

March 30

Our Internet was wonky this a.m.

March 29

This dude is worried about losing his medical benefits. We have universal healthcare. Seriously. His medical and dental plan would pay for drugs, while he worked as a Sunwing pilot. Now he pays out of pocket like most Canadians. Dentists aren't working, of course. What a selfish man.

One woman is lobbying for her cancer surgery. What could go wrong?
The procedure is a mastectomy, lymph node biopsy and immediate reconstruction. It’s an eight-hour surgery. “We could move four other patients through in that time,” one of my surgeon’s assistants told me bluntly. 

Canada's chief public health officer Theresa Tam says 7% of COVID-19 cases in Canada have required hospitalization, 12% of those who've been hospitalized are under the age of 40. 184,000 people have been tested countrywide.

Quebec population = 8.5 million: COVID–19: 2000 cases
Ontario 14.6 million: COVID–19 cases: 993


March 28

I heard an interview with the mayor of Windsor.

The US is doomed. Trump denied it.

This is so unusual, one Perth grocery store parking lot.

March 27

Information gap widens in Ontario as coronavirus sweeps through nursing homes

Ten of the homes with confirmed cases are in Toronto, including Seven Oaks, a city-owned facility where two residents have died of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. The tally also includes a nursing home in Bobcaygeon where 14 staff members have tested positive and two residents have died.

March 26

March 25

March 24

The USA is doomed! Trump threatens to open up the country and get people into church by Easter Sunday (April 12th). 

March 23

March 22

March 21

March 20

Flight Tracker

March 19

March 18

The coronavirus #COVID19 has now infected more people in Canada (569) than SARS did (438). canada.ca/en/public-heal
It was named Spanish flu because the war-time censors forbid reporting on the flu in Allied countries; Spain being neutral was allowed so people mistakenly thought it started there.

March 17

Ontario declared in a state of emergency. Florida is a mess! 

says there almost 3 million Canadians abroad travelling, living and working . And he says they are trying to facilitate getting as many home as possible. #COVID19 #coronavirus #cdnpoli

March 16

There are three confirmed new cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa this morning. That means there is a total of 13 in the capital. Ontario is up to 172 active cases and five people whose cases are "resolved" and aren't contagious any longer. Ottawa's medical officer of health has asked people to limit "non-essential" travel outside homes and to avoid crowds if they go to the store, park or on a walk. Dr. Vera Etches said there could be 200 to 1,000 cases in Ottawa, given that many are likely undetected.

March 15

Canada has tested 25,000 people. 

Another interesting point... while South Korea has reported 1261 7000+ cases, North Korea has not reported any.
Iran is a case in point.  The minister and deputy minister of health in Iran gave a press conference stating that they didn't have a problem. The deputy minister was wiping his brow, and was diagnosed with it himself. Iran has reported 388 cases (Feb. 29), but...
Their findings: Iran likely didn’t have tens of cases of COVID-19, as was officially reported. It probably had somewhere closer to 18,300.

March 15

March 14

March 13

I hope it is just peer pressure to be so cold and vulgar. It is awful to hear about. Elders are disrespected enough, as it is.

March 12

All public schools closed March Break, plus two weeks thereafter.


JB went for toilet paper. The shelves were really low. That is the most peculiar phenomenon. 

We've finally tested positive for COVID-19 in Ottawa, our closest city. It is in 5 provinces, so far. There were 42 cases in Ontario, 113 in Canada; 1322 in the US. The USA isn't testing citizens freely, however. There are a lot of Americans complaining online that their rules around testing are very limited. Canadians coming back from the US have brought the virus here. The only way to get on top of this pandemic is to identify it and isolate carriers. 

March 11

New York officials traced more than 50 coronavirus cases back to one attorney

17 people in two days
  • Just two days after the man's positive results, on March 4, his 20-year-old son, a student at New York's Yeshiva University, also tested positive. School officials said he was showing symptoms of the virus.
  • The wife and 14-year-old daughter of the attorney both also tested positive on the same day.
  • So did the neighbor who drove him to the hospital.
  • And a friend of the attorney.
  • The friend's wife, two sons and daughter tested positive that day too.
  • The day after, on March 5, the governor says eight other people connected to the attorney tested positive for the virus.

March 10

Number of total coronavirus cases in Italy 16 days ago: 100 10 days ago: 1,000 Today: more than 10,000

March 9

NEW: New York State has twice as many COVID19 cases as Canada. 
 Canada: 71 (confirmed + presumptive)
 New York State: 142 (confirmed, most of any US state)

March 8

March 7

March 6


March 5

March 4

March 3

The US has begun a cover up of testing. Some people cannot get tested unless they are deemed 'high-risk.' Originally, the CDC site showed 472 people tested. This is far less than should be tested. At this point, they don't know how it is spread human-to-human. 
People with underlying conditions are most at-risk.

March 2

Schools are closed in Japan and Iran.

March 1

Feb. 29

Feb. 28

After their release from quarantine, Mr. Wucinski and his daughter went to stay with his mother in Harrisburg, Pa. That’s where they found a pile of medical bills waiting: $3,918 in charges from hospital doctors, radiologists and an ambulance company.

Feb. 27

Feb. 26

Feb. 25

Canada has 11 cases, the USA 53. Both of our countries had citizens stuck on the Diamond Princess ship, in Japan, which they classify as 'other'...

Feb. 24

Feb. 23 – 

There was a big uptake, or reporting caught up with them. In South Korea, the point of contact was a church for 763 cases. In Iran, is the second highest fatality rate, outside China. Italy is under lock down to curb the spread of the virus.

Feb. 22 – South Korea had a huge increase

Feb. 21

Feb. 20

Feb. 19

#breaking Another spike in novel coronavirus infections on the Diamond Princess. 79 new cases Weds (88 Tues, 99 Mon, 70 Sun, 69 Sat). Japan now has 692 cases, most from the ship. The situation onboard left a longtime infectious disease professor 'scared' when he visited on Tues.

The Princess has 255 Canadians on it, and 400 Americans.

Feb. 18

Feb. 17

News over the weekend

Ottawa said it has chartered a plane

Feb. 17

Feb. 16

Feb. 15

Feb. 14

Feb. 13 – a big jump in cases, China redefined how it ID'd cases (X-rays).


Feb. 12


Fluwatch reports:
For comparison: Influenza has killed 38 Canadians and led to 129 Intensive Care Unit hospital admissions, according to reporting by Canadian doctors up to Feb. 1.
There are thoughts that other governments are reluctant to report cases, for various reasons. Some don't want to get China upset, and wouldn't close borders to visitors.


Feb. 10 - it's slowing down some

Feb. 9

Feb. 8

Top officials in Southeast Asia have played down the threat of the virus and shied away from travel bans. Some have even pushed supposed remedies not supported by science.

Feb. 7

The doctor who reported this to his peers died of the virus. He was castigated by the Chinese government.
At 6:30 a.m. the plane touched down in CFB Trenton. Another 50 people were dropped off by the US, in YVR. They will be transported to this CFB hotel ASAP.

Feb. 6

“The median age of patients is between 49 and 56 years,” according to a report published on Wednesday in JAMA. “Cases in children have been rare.”
6:30 a.

Feb. 5

7:30 a.m.
8:30 p.m.

Cruise ships that have visited China#HongKong / Macau in the last 14 days will be prohibited from entering Taiwanese ports. Cruise ships which have carried passengers confirmed/suspected of suffering from #coronavirus in the last 28 days will likewise be refused entry. #Taiwan

A cruise ship anchored off Yokohama#2019nCoV 1st case was a passenger from Hong Kong, subsequent 10 cases appear to have been acquired at sea on the ship. Tests of further crew & passengers underway in Japan.

Feb. 4

Feb. 3

From a.m. to p.m.

Feb 2nd

Feb. 1st

Jan. 31 

Jan. 30

Jan. 29 – hour-by-hour

6 a.m.

21:00 hours

Jan. 28


On the news, they said our 2nd Canadian with nCoV is recovering. Her husband was the first. THis is good news.

Jan. 27

11 a.m. Jan 27
early morning

Jan. 26

2019-nCoV Cases.svg
By Yifei He - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Jan. 25

Jan. 24

Jan. 24

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