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UCDSB - our local school board.



After two years of data, our health unit has decided not to report cases by location, since they are only testing people with symptoms, and in hospital. It was a trend, knowing which regions have more COVID than others. I am most discouraged. 

June 14th they stopped reporting totals.
We've no idea how many are recovered.

Jan. 14th ↗ 24 in hospital, 16 outbreaks, 26 active cases

Jan. 13th –↗ 18 in hospital

Long-Term Care

This information is up to date as of the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 12. 
 • Kemptville Retirement Living — declared Jan. 10 
 • Carleton Place Terrace — declared Jan. 10 
 • Fairview Manor (Almonte) — declared Jan. 6 
 • Rosebridge Manor (Jasper) — declared Jan. 3 
 • Perth Community Care — declared Dec. 30 
 • Lanark Lodge (Perth) in the Evergreen unit — declared Dec. 27

 • Rideau Ferry Country Home has a declared a respiratory syncytial virus outbreak  — declared Dec. 29, 2021.

Jan. 11 – ↗ 1719

Jan. 10 – ↗ 1698

Jan. 7, 2022 

Jan. 6 – ↗ 1558

Jan. 5 – ↗1526

Jan. 4th  –  1479

Jan. 3rd – back to work

Last week, Thursday, Dec. 30th, Dr. Moore (Chief Medical Officer), announced that kids weren't going back to school Jan. 3rd. The Education Minister was AWOL, as well as the Premier. A shock to parents. 
The Premier has come back from the cottage, for a planned 10 a.m. presser, changed to 11 a.m. at 9 a.m.

Jan. 1st – 
Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit: 251 new cases

"On December 31, 2021 testing for COVID-19 was limited to the most vulnerable individuals and individuals associated with high risk exposure settings. This means that confirmed cases will significantly underestimate the true number of people currently infected with COVID-19 in the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit region. From this point forward, information from the daily COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard should not be compared to dates before these testing criteria changes.

πŸŽ„DECEMBER 2021 – ended at 1008 cases

Dec. 2012

Dec. 31 –  no local official reports today... This is what I gleaned from Ottawa CTV news:

From CTV Ottawa: 
  •  Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit: 248 new cases

Dec. 30 – ↗ 760 

Dec. 29 – ↗ 635

We had 65 cases from previous 24 hours; 50 cases added to the day before. They cannot keep up.

Ottawa Paramedic Outbreak – The outbreak is linked to a large party at a restaurant in Ottawa on Dec. 15. To date, 53 members of the Ottawa Paramedic Service have tested positive for COVID-19, including paramedics and support staff. Eight new positive cases were reported in a memo on Tuesday. There are also 139 close contacts of the 53 people who tested positive. 

Dec. 28 – ↗ 556

Home is still safer. Our COVID numbers are shocking here in Leeds, Grenville, Lanark Health Unit. We had 253 total cases last Thursday: 542; on Monday, 556 cases Tuesday. (They don't post on holidays or weekends.) The last time it was this high was Dec., 2020, when it was at a peak of 314 cases. 

Dec. 27 – ↗ 542 the health unit did not report over Christmas Eve to Boxing day. Dec. 2020 our totals were 314.
Forty-five new cases added in past 24-hours and 330 cases added to previous days for a total of 375 cases added since the last report.

Dec. 24 – they don't update on weekends, I did read online:
Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit: 106 new cases

Dec. 23Active cases today: 253 – 78 new and 44 recovered since yesterday

Dec. 22

Dec. 21

Article on rapid covid tests:
“With a rapid test, a positive is a positive,” said Dr. Eric Arts, a virologist and immunology professor at Western University. “A negative is not a definitive negative. You may still be infected, regardless of what the rapid test shows you.” 

Dec., 2021 – Again COVID–19 numbers are rising, with Kingston being the hotbed of infections. They have the highest case rate in Canada. Ottawa has some cases linked with visits to the National Arts Centre, and such. 
Dec. 20
"The health unit is reporting 142 new cases over the weekend (126 recoveries), including 38 cases in the past 24 hours."

Dec. 17th

Yesterday health officials went on air, at the news conference, they said we need a circuit breaker to reset and get a handle on this. The politicians are not doing what is in our best interests, more keen on re-election.

Dec. 16

Dec. 14
Dec. 13th

  • Stittsville's St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School closed due to COVID, possibly Omicron. 
  • South Crosby PS (Elgin, ON) as of Dec. 12 they had over 25 cases and is closed.
  • Our health unit does not report on weekends.

Our Health Unit, as well as KFL&A, are asking people to cut back on contacts.

Dec. 11
COVID–19 cases continue to rise. It is worrisome. There are 10 new breakouts of cases in nearby Kingston, three of these are in three residences at uQueens. Public Health for Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox are checking out 105/131 possible cases of Omicron. They have 618 active cases.

Dec. 10 – big jump ↗81

He said there are now 50 people involved in a cluster that began with two people who traveled from Nigeria late last month.


Dec. 9 – big jump ↗60

Kingston has reached ICU capacity. Having taken in overflo cases previously this year, they are now shipping people out.

Dec. 7 – up to 39

Dec. 6 – up to 37

Sadly 87% of recent school cases are in elementary school kids.
Kingston has another 40, we have another 10 cases. PEC has 22, Cornwall 17. Ottawa 55 new cases, 20 are under age 9.

Dec. 3 – I tried to get my booster, it didn't not work out well.

Dec. 1 – 26

November 2021
November 30 – Omicron was identified. South AFrica, and other countries nearby, have been reluctant and deeply suspicious of governments. It's not just the cost and supply issues.

Nov. 26 – down to 28

Nov. 26, they identified Omicron as a new variant. It is in several places, including Germany.
Canada said that there are 500 people here from South African countries.

Nov. 1

October 2021

Latest vaxx numbers from Leeds/Grenville/Lanark are 97.5 % of residents have first dose, and 93.5 per cent have had second.

Oct. 1

September 2021

Where we are at in September

Here in Canada (population 38 million), our Prime Minister Trudeau has mandated vaccines for federal employees. Healthcare, in Canada, is a provincial mandate and he cannot force this on Ontario (pop. 15 million), where I live. Here, 85% of eligible citizens have had one dose, 77% are fully vaxxed. In our local health unit, in southeast Ontario, we've the highest vaccination rates of all of Ontario at 92% first dose for eligible people (age 12+), 86% are fully vaxxed as of Aug. 30th. 

September 2

The Science Table released a projection (PDF) of the fourth wave.


Our new chief medical officer had some difficult messages. This thing isn't like a cold virus. We worry about our kids in school.
As children acquire this infection at a low level, they'll build natural immunity like any cold virus and it will become seasonal. How long that takes could be several years." -- Dr. Kieran Moore, CMOH, Aug 10.

August 1

Here we are in August, cases were going down, with only three in our health unit. The numbers are beginning to rise in Ontario. School begins in a few weeks. Child care centres are having issues. 


July 2021

It's slowing down.

June 2021

June 2

MAY 2021

May 3

April 2021

April 2 – 87 cases, 10 cases nearby at Rideau Ferry Country Home. 

March 2021

March 20
  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit: 27 new cases 
  •  Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington: 11 new cases 
  •  Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit: 32 new cases 
  •  Renfrew County and District Health Unit: 4 new cases 
  •  Outaouais (Gatineau and western Quebec): 48 new cases
March 19 – 98 cases, 52 in Lanark West

February 2021 – 12 cases


December 2020


June 4

COVID–19 Lanark

April 14 , 2020

Spanish Flu 1918

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