Sunday, 10 June 2018

2. Vancouver and kidlets!

My faithful readers must be patient. I took WAY too many photos... Actually, we all took turns with the camera! It was great. Such memories.

NOTE TO SELF: Change the time on the camera while in the air. Otherwise, the photos upload in the wrong order in iPhotos. I downloaded them each evening from the camera, just in case. We began in Ottawa (YOW) by going 3 hours back in time to Vancouver (YVR), then went to Calgary (YYC), one hour forward, visited Lake Louise, back to YYC, and then home to YOW.

PreparationI packed my stuff!
Day 1 – Getting There 1. Off to YVR! I plan on doing a little book of our trip. Forgive my numerous photos, but I want to keep a record, and the memories of the trip.

Day 2 – Friday, June 1st

2. Brekkie at Starbucks, then walkies to the kids' home. We were in the inner city. Lots of panhandlers, whom the staff sternly sent out of the restaurant. Lots of foliage. There were many opportunities for people watching. We were up early with the time change!

There were lots of bike racks. Very people-friendly streets.

Vancouver has a wonderful transportation system.

A busy, vibrant city, but you have to be on your toes.

Off to meet our two granddaughters. Cluny recognized us, thanks to Facetime. We couldn't hold month-old Bryony immediately, as Cluny wanted to do that first!!!!

Jess, Stacie, Grampa Joe and Gramma Jenn, Cluny and Bryony went walkies to Trout Lake facility. We were glad we'd brought warm clothes! This is Trout Lake, obviously.

As is the way, these days, there are lots of parent and toddler playtimes. Cluny had to stay until the last minute, and tidy up the equipment against the wall. She is a cutie.

Garden of Eatin' - First Christian Reformed Church of Vancouver
This is a church on our walk back to our digs. They do good work.

This is a centre which houses new immigrants. Immigrant Services Society of BC: ISSofBC
They were just starting to build it when we visited last time. Cluny was a baby.

Jess had beer bottling to do. Grampa and I took off back to our digs for a rest. It's a lovely home and a busy, thriving, beautifully treed community.

This is the house next door to where we were staying, in a duplex. It is for sale. All yours for only $2,099,000. It's 3 stories, 5 BR, built in 1912. It's so hard for young people to buy in the city.
Main Photo: 1416 - 1418 E 10TH Avenue in Vancouver: Grandview VE House for sale (Vancouver East)  : MLS®# R2271062

We were meetings his friends for dinner, all within walking distance, so we planned on putting our feet up for awhile. Dinner was great. We went to a cozy Malasian restaurant: Tangent Cafe. Early bedtime afterwards!


DUTA said...

Great family pictures! especially the ones of the baby with its Grans.
Canada's greatest advantage is its vast spaces. It's vey hard, almost impossible to be a nation of immigrants in a tiny country where differences are a daily reality, not theory. In Canada it seems possible.

Anvilcloud said...

Both Starbucks and panhandlers are things I associate with Vancouver. Among other things, of course.

You have some delightful family pics there.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a cutie... the babe's not bad either ;*P heheh... cities the world over are faced with this housing bubble. It's hard. YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Those photos are wonderful memories, JB and Bryony, a keeper for sure. You would have enjoyed every moment,lovely to see you and Cluny, all so happy.

Red said...

Well , the new grandchild would certainly be worth the trip.

Olga Hebert said...

The expressions on that baby's face! So adorable!

nat said...

Such lovely photos of your family and babies not to mention everything you saw as you wandered around! Thanks for sharing the trip with us Jenn ❤️

William Kendall said...

Cute grandkids!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Wonderful memories being made, I forgot to change camera date on our kast trip. That’s a Lin-duh moment for me.

Christine said...

Oh Jenn what beautiful grandchildren so happy you could make this visit.