Monday, 5 August 2019

Gramma Camp Day 5

We made it to Friday, August 2nd!

Grampa did some shopping for dinner (hamburg and hotdogs), and brought me a close eyes, which the girls presented to me! Two lovely bouquets of freesia.

We took it easy in the morning, and after lunch went to the Lombardy Fair. It was a bit of a bust, in some ways. We bought the $30 bracelets for the girls, so they could go on unlimited rides. Thing is, too many of the rides were for the young kids.

I forgot to ask them to 'go' before we left the house! First things first!

Yes, she wanted to go on this ride.

Isabel was the only one who wanted on this ride. Josee knows her limitations. Gramma went on this ride with Isabelle (8). I was spinning for a while afterwards. We were alone on the ride, no one else was on as it was early.

She went on again, alone but this time there were other people there.

They wouldn't let Isabelle on this ride alone. Josee went with her. They did two stints. Mistake. They did a 2nd run, which was a further mistake. Jos spent the time with her head down.

Isabelle couldn't find another ride to go on. The one she favoured required another rider, Grampa had my adult tickets. He took Jos to the bathroom, as she was feeling woozy.

We went and sat under the trees, in the shade. They each had an apple, as a snack, as well as their water bottles. There was only one more ride suitable for Izzy. Grampa offered to take us home, and come back with Izzy, while I stayed with Jos. Then, we spotted the ice cream stand. Iz agreed that in exchange for an ice cream cone, we'd call it an afternoon. Whew.

Home again, jiggety jig.

Home, to the pool, and some more fun. Jos was feeling better. Momma phoned and said she was leaving work early. Jos proceeded to tell her all about her throwing up at the fair!

Caitlin and I had a visit, chatted, and relaxed on the back deck while the girls swam.
As we sat there, an osprey flew overhead. They nest just down the road. No fish here, though.

Jos was feeling fine, now she was grounded.

I cooked up our mess of hamburgers and hotdogs, with veggies and dip. Everyone fell into bed.

We've been watching the caterpillars.

I cannot remember what this plant is. I'm not an organized gardner!
Isabelle assured me that her momma had an app for identifying flora and fauna. It didn't work well.

Saturday morning, all packed and tidied, they went home.

See how tall Josephine is getting, as well as Isabelle? Jos (11) goes into gr. 7 in September, at her mother and uncle's former high school. Isabelle (8) goes into gr. 4.

Off they went, silently, in their electric car!

That was the end of Gramma Camp, version 1.0, for this session. The girls go to three more weeks of day camp before they come back to us for the last week in August:
1. Adventures in Swim, 2. Diefenbunker, 3. Obstacle Course.
Papa continues to campaign for the Green Party. We might have them back for Caitlin's 40th birthday party sleepover! Yippee!

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Okay, I admit, as soon as you said 'rides' and then proceeded to show them, I skipped to that section. Not my thing at all - learned early in life just as Jos did!!! Dodgems, I can do dodgems. Maybe. YAM xx

Anvilcloud said...

Catching up on the camp posts. It looks very busy, but good.

Nancy J said...

You are so brave, I would give all of those high flyers a miss. Wonderful that you have the girls to stay, and do so much fun "stuff" with them.These are the treasures that will be stored up in their memories.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Brave lady going on that ride, I know my limitations too, and just watching the rides makes me dizzy.

Out To Pasture said...

Just watching those rides made me a bit dizzy. By the way, I'm a Green Party supporter. Time for a change!

DUTA said...

That's a lovely picture of the four of you (you, Caitlin, the two grandies) by the car!

Christine said...

Great job at gramma camp!

Red said...

You came very close to going directly from food to caterpillars.

William Kendall said...

I'm reminded of fall fair midways where I grew up.