Saturday, 9 June 2018

1. Off to YVR!

Day 1 Thursday, May 31st

That was an adventure! Yes, Vancouver, to see our 3rd and 4th granddaughters, whom we had not met! We've done Facetime with Cluny (3 years old, not two, not four!)
Thursday morning we dropped off three cats at the Cat's Meow Inn.
We dropped the car off at the kids' house in Ottawa, and grabbed a taxi to the airport.

This is a new building in Ottawa! Strange being passengers.

Schlepping bags, we paid for our luggage. I had repacked, popping in warmer clothes, as the weather looked cold.
There were long lineups for security. Sadly, people were arriving too late and were impatient and hustled themselves and butted in. It sets everyone's teeth on edge.
Meanwhile, people jam their bags in the overhead compartments, where there just isn't room. It's so much more relaxing to check one's bags.

See the little head in front of me? A 9-month old, or so. We played for a bit, standing on mommy's lap, the kid would hand me toys! It stopped the kid from screaming...

Back in the old days, he tells me, these safety videos featured actual employees.

Liftoff! A lovely feeling.

There was this strange object in the sky! Whilst we flew over Lake Superior, we couldn't see it. Cloud cover all the way.

Don't you love clouds? It was strange, with the time change. Three hours back in time!

Hubby gives me the window seat, and this is what I saw.

Made it! YVR

Jesse picked us up! Amazing seeing the mountains in the distance. His car is a hybrid, gas and electric. Very cool.

Vancouver is a vibrant city. It is also very expensive. Jesse and his family live in a housing co-op. We stayed in the basement of a home designed to be a duplex. A basement suite is a very popular option in many homes in this pricy housing market.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Am glad you enjoyed the flight, Jenn; I love flying! Even the buzz of the airports - crazy people and all. I head off this week on a budget airline (haven't flown 'cattle' in decades - unless we count that mayhem flight from Cleveland to Toronto!) and it is one on-board item only. Not even a handbag. Am praying the camera over my shoulder won't count... YAM xx

William Kendall said...

Great shots from up high!

DUTA said...

Vancouver is considered a very beautiful city. I usually don't like to sit near the window on a plane, and I'm rather tense being up in the air.

Nancy J said...

This looks very impressive, and it must be so warm inside. A little snow on the distant range, and clouds most of the way. Safe landing, that is a huge bonus when I fly.

Red said...

Hey, you're visiting god's country again but you're only showing airplanes.

Christine said...

Jenn how exciting for you to be meeting your grandkids!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Great you are in Vancouver. Enjoy thetime with your family.