Sunday, 4 August 2019

Gramma Camp Day 4

Thursday, August 1st

Happily, the store phoned and my recalled computer battery was replaced. Grampa offered to go and pick it up in Kingston for me.
We were looking for another activity.
Grampa wrote a poem, and the girls found out where two IDENTICAL puzzles were hidden!!!

Isabelle's clue
Not a door but by a door
Not very high but off the floor
Near your room if zoom
A desk you'll see; there it be.

Josee's clue
Not the laundry
But near that boundary
No animal there
but caged it's there

I ordered a new microwave oven from a local store. I sussed it out online, phoned and ordered it. It was $300 for the replacement part, $400 for a new microwave. I've had a microwave oven since my first marriage in 1976. My in-laws gave us one as a wedding present.

 Our guy was picking it up for us and installing it on Thursday morning. Otherwise, we all would have gone to Kingston. The girls had breakfast.

Grampa arrived home nearly three hours later, having had a nice walk in Kingston (he went to Queen's University there back in the day). We had  pit stops, then we took off to pick up my auction items in North Augusta.

From there, we went to Brockville for lunch. The parking lots were nearly full. The restaurant was PACKED. We sat at an inside booth.  I'd asked for a bun or something, as the service was understandably slow.  The girls were really hungry, and another server brought them crackers.

It's iteration #3, as far as we know, for the restaurant. Perhaps the kitchen is too small for the number of seats. They run the outside of the second floor deck, as well as inside, where we were (where the outside walls are yellow).

I've been fun trying to take photos, as I'm not sure if they are actually focused with my cataracts. (No appointment for surgery, yet.) The girls like taking photos, too.

They did really well, considering the wait. Thank goodness for crayons and menus on which to draw.

We watched the two TVs, baseball and darts!

It was a long wait, 40+ minutes. We sent them up to the kindly bartender to refill their glasses!

The aquatarium

We've been before, they feature all Ontario species.

We like the aquatarium, it has a wide variety of mechanical, technological, and physical features.

There is part of a ship reproduction, which lends itself to the day camp kids, and family entertainment!

Josee's finger in his eye!

Time to go outdoors. I realized we had a train theme going. Yesterday, for Gramma Camp Day 3, we went to the railway museum. Grampa loves trains!

The Brockville Tunnel 1860

Construction of Canada's first railway tunney, which runs from this point for 1730' in a northerly direction, began in Sept., 1854. Designed to give the Brockville and Ottawa Railway access to the riverfront, it was opened on Dec. 31, 1860. This railway, incorporated in 1853, ran from Brockville to Sand Point, near Arnprior, with  a branch line from SMiths Falls to Perth. Its first train left Brockville's Grand Trunk station on Jan., 25, 1859, almost two years before finances permitted completion of the tunnel. The Brockville and Ottawa amalgamated in 1878 with the Canada Central Railway, which was absorbed by the CPR in 1881. 
Of course, a lot of those train tracks have since been lifted, and the cleared land is used for recreation.

Josee counted her steps: 764!

Off we went home to cool off. It's been wickedly hot. You can hear the house wrens singing!

It was a very full day. I popped the girls into bed, asked Jos to set her alarm for 20 minutes of quiet reading time, and then they would turn the lights out. We were baffed!

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Red said...

Gramma's camp can certainly tire out a couple of kids.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Waiting is so hard, no matter the age. Hope your cataract surgery is booked soon.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you're enjoying the time together.