Saturday, 21 September 2019

Back to the auction!

I'm finding some fun with the online auctions. This one had a fair number of interesting objects. The most interesting were the three artillery helmets! They sold for about $180.

Furniture, (all kinds), Royal Doulton figures, Hummel figures, cranberry dishes, jewelry, etc.

A 29" long old wooden fire engine with firefighters and rubber wheels. We met the woman who bought it! Her husband is a volunteer firefighter.

A saphire bracelet ($350), as well as a dolphin pin $200?), encrusted with lovely gemstones.

I had my eye on a couple of things.

Off we went for the drive from home to Newboro (for distraction). My cataracts are giving me grief. I took a pill to relax me.

We went to Augusta, Ontario, to pick up my auction items, and then to Merrickville for dinner and a concert. (More on these later!)

I like coming up over a hill and seeing intersting things.

The fields are varied. This one has a pond of water in the middle, although the crops have been harvested.

To keep busy I was taking drive-by photos. This photo sort of demonstrates what my cataracts are doing to my vision. There is a glare. It's really irritating.

There is an election. It is obvious now.

And, at home, here is my prize!


Olga said...

My husband used online auctions for both buying and selling. He would have been very interested in that fire truck. I don't have the same eye for antiques.

Nancy J said...

Your auction goodies!!! Love the statue, he is gorgeous. Your eyes, do you wear dark glasses or shades over your normal ones, have a hat, even in the car, or a visor thingy!!! I cannot stand sunshine, even indoor lights are a worry now. And the blurry road signs!!! I hope I can qualify to get on the list soon, but with only one eye surgeon, my hopes are slim, and I am not paying $ 4500 for each eye!!! Public health should be available for all of us here in NZ. And the rest of your goodies, love them too.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Interesting items, were you tempted. I'm fed up with election ads not telling the whole story, seeing lawn signs all over the place and sick and tired of the candidates running down the other party instead of telling us what they will do for us

William Kendall said...

Terrific shots! Fall is coming!

Rain said...

Look at your prize! That's awesome. I have to stay away from online auctions, I get carried away lol...I had to look twice at the solar panel photos!

Nora said...

oh what a lovely posting. Just like a breathe of fresh air. I am worried about those cataracts of yours. Darn they should get that operation done. Yes wearing a visor and dark glasses may help. I don't know why your eyes are painful though.

Anvilcloud said...

I didn't know they existed except on eBay,which I think mostly just sells things and not so much auctions them.

Kay said...

I love what you bought. It's adorable. Just went to the optometrist. Sigh... Cataracts are OK, but starting to get glaucoma. All part of aging, he said.