Friday 15 June 2018

6b. Canmore and Johnston Canyon, ALberta

Epic trip!

I am savouring each moment! We've been back a week and I am thrilled each time I play with my photos!

Thursday, May 31st 1.  Getting There Off to YVR!
Friday, June 1st #2. Vancouver and kidlets!
Saturday, June 2nd #3.  Queen Elizabeth Park
Sunday, June 3rd #4. YVR, splashing,  sushi
Monday, June 4th #5. Monday: we went from Vancouver to Calgarylunch in Canmore, drove to Deer Lodge, Lake Louise
Tuesday, June 5th #6a. Lake Louise

#6b. Johnston Canyon

Hooray for the GPS!
We left Lake Louise, and had lunch in Canmore, again. It's a pretty town. Everywhere you look, mountains in the distance. It was chilly, but we ate on the patio...

Lunch in Canmore, the water was rushing down the mountain in the distance.
Mountain water from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Johnston Canyon

While we were visiting Calgary, the bears at home were down in the forest. Who knew? Happily, there weren't critters here in Johnston Canyon.
It is a beautiful spot, as well. We didn't do the entire walk, it was busy, and this was long enough, a km up to the Lower Falls.

Walter Camp purchased the Johnston Canyon Teahouse in 1927.
Johnston Canyon Teahouse
They discovered six more waterfalls upstream. In 1974, Parks Canada replaced wooden bridges and the trail sees a million visitors each year, they say. There is no admission fee, so I don't know how they track us...

There were people of all ages, dogs, kidlets, families, groups of friends, selfie sticks, photographers with tripods, all hiking along.

Johnson Canyon from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

EPIC! From here we toodled back to Calgary for the night.


Red said...

Fencing at Johnson Canyon used to be very unsafe until some kid fell over and was killed. It was replaced after that.

DUTA said...

You should compile the photos into a slideshow with captions and music. It's worth the effort and helps the viewer to enjoy the scenery as a whole.

Nancy J said...

I can imagine the noise a flood of water would make rushing down that narrow gorge. What great walkways, and kids in back packs, others with a dog. And snow there in the distance, maybe it never melts, even in summer.

William Kendall said...

Magnificent landscapes, and what a river to hike along!

Christine said...

Oh Canada! Johnson Canyon's beautiful!

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes epic and amazing and beautiful.

All the best Jan