Wednesday, 20 June 2018

8. Thursday trip home to Ottawa & Perth

We watched the polls from B.C.

Our last morning of the trip. Meanwhile, at home, we were watching the polls from our hotel room, on the TV. I don't want to talk about it the results! :'(

JB went downstairs and fetched the bag tags and boarding passes, right there in the hotel lobby, and toodled on up the elevator so I could tag our bags. 

YYC > Calgary Airport Authority > Volunteering at YYC > White Hat ...

Calgary has "White Hats", volunteers who meet and greet passengers. They've been doing this for 26 years. What a lovely thing to do, to greet and direct stressed travelers.
Three are many places to visit. I'm sorry we didn't have more time and energy! These ads for the museums are terrific.

I liked this manikin! 

Our bags were so full, we didn't have space for souvenirs...

I'd never even heard of credit card knives.

Inside, through security, I noticed a mother with THREE kids, waiting to get onto the plane. She'd missed the early boarding for passengers who required assistance for kids. Happily, the father was in the washroom. I breathed a sigh of relief, and they weren't too, too noisy on the flight, about 10 rows up. (Not like the infant on the trip over!) For JB it's like being at work in the airport. For me, being in public, it's like having to do classroom crowd control, again! (I still have nightmares!)

We paid to have our bags stowed, while others juggled two carry-ons in the overheads. Such stress. It delays getting everyone in and on. 

Promptly, after the seat belt sign went off, the dude in front of me whipped his seat back. I couldn't budge. When our meals came, I asked him to pull up while I ate. He did. Then, he whipped 'er right back after. They are making planes smaller, and I am growing larger!!!

Goodbye mountains!

Human settlement patterns

When I was in gr. 7 (1968), this was the name of a course I took during Saturday morning classes for gifted kids at Castlefrank Elementary School in Toronto. I took the subway to get there. On a Saturday morning. Seriously.

Canada is such an interesting country to cross. Most of our population lives near the border near the US. Heaven help us. Then, white settlers settled near rivers, a major form of transportation for many.

Safe landing, and the baggage was removed. Air Canada carried over 48.1 million passengers in 2017 (44.8 million passengers in 2016). 

I must admit, I did snort. The dude in front of me, who kept his seat so far back, was the last to claim his bags! He's the head, in front of the red sign.
Taxi to the kids' house, where we'd parked, and home again. Our taxi driver TO the airport what a riot. He gave us clues to find our where he was originally from. He had a keen range of historical events, he was from Ethiopia. They are famous for their long-distance runners, amongst other things.

Ta da! Back home there were gardens to check, unpacking, laundry, etc.

@CTA_gc #YVR in-person consultations on new air passenger regulations - 06/18
— (@CTA_gc) June 12, 2018FLying from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Our trip west

Thursday, May 31st 1.  Getting There Off to YVR!
Friday, June 1st #2. Vancouver and kidlets!
Saturday, June 2nd #3. YVR's Queen Elizabeth Park
Sunday, June 3rd #4. YVR, splashing,  sushi
Monday , June 4th #5.: YVR=>YYC, lunch in Canmore, drive to Deer Lodge, Lake Louise


William Kendall said...

The views from up high are well worth it!

Red said...

Hey you missed my little home town in Sask. when you flew over!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely to go but great to be home. We travel Westjet and book when there is 25% off the plus seats (includes luggage, food, pre boarding, extra leg room) and by the time you pay regular price plus pay for leggage, seat choice, food etc it works out to be just about the same price.

Angie said...

Any more, air travel is a necessary evil - I would much rather drive … I snorted with you about the man who was last to claim his bags - sometimes life IS fair!!! Glad you made it home safe and sound.