I noticed a Robin's nest the last week of April. I love how they stuff mosses and nest debris all along!

April 30th – first egg!
May 2nd – #2 (It was a  cold and wet couple of days.)
May 3rd – egg 3
May 4th – 4th egg
May 10The 🐣ROBIN hunkered down with the eggs I found in the shed added to her nest.  
May 14  – Video of 7 eggs
May 17 –  There were 2 (?) hatched, maybe 2 eggs, and some were missing.
May 18 – Perhaps 3 hatched, 3 eggs.
May 22 – Perhaps 4 chicks? 

New Brood
June 23 – two new eggs in old nest
June 24 – three eggs, moma nesting.
July 6th – three hatched.

First one: January 18, at the bird bath.📹 It has to have overwintered.
Jan. 26th – it was back: birdbath: 📸blog post.
Jan. 27th – again at the birdbath.
Feb. 1st – Perhaps a daily visitor📹 
April 28th – they seemed to stop building the nest. I didn't notice them when I was working out.
May 1 – two eggs! What a surprise!
May 3rd – I checked, three eggs!
May 14th – 2/3 hatched.
May 15th – 3rd bird hatching?  
May 29 – they fledged. No eggs remained, I assume they hatched 3/3 eggs.

Brood #2 under the back deck

Jun 23 – the first brood hatched, but I'd notice the robins around in the day time, swooping in and out from under the deck. One egg didn't hatch, but now there are 3 again.
June 27 – 4 eggs
July 5 – Three hatched.
July 10th – snapped photos from the doorway. 
July 16th – I let the girls hold one! Saturday's Critters
July 18th - last video!
July 19th – they fledged.

They were nest building, back and forth under the deck, again. 
May 14th – in the lilac tree📹.
May 19th, while fighting the gypsy moth caterpillars, I noticed the robins have abandoned the deck, again.

May 20 – first blue egg, maybe because it was cold?
May 21 – 2nd blue egg,
May 22 – 3rd and last egg,
June 4th – 2/3 eggs were hatched.

I was right: June 4, they could hatch, if they follow the All About Birds schedule! 

June 17th – they fledged, leaving one egg in the nest.

We've had them, over the years.

This year was peculiar. First, they tried every section of the beam.
The first photo from outside, under the deck, the second from the doorway.

May 29

This fell out of the second section.

The one section on the right, above, seemed the chosen one (below).

May 30

If you look closely, you can see where I put a piece of wood up to brace it.

June 1st, 10:30

When mud was added, I thought we were home free.

June 2nd

They disappeared, I saw them going in and out of the shed. One year they nested in there, I had to brace the wobbly nest. Nothing in the shed. A cold, miserable day.

June 3rd

I was working out in the basement, when I spotted him 'doing' her in the pouring rain! I checked the nest awhile later, and there she was.
Robin in the rain from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

June 5th

June 8th – 3 eggs
Also, a second nest is being made in the front yard in the chestnut tree.

June 9 – 3 cold little eggs. They abandoned it. I put the eggs into the nest in the chestnut tree. We shall see.

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