I made the bed, one fateful morning. I arranged the bears one atop the other. JB didn't notice. He usually makes the bed. My back isn't great for a couple of hours in the morning. I suggested we could change them up every day. Last year JB wondered if we should stop doing the bears, but I love them!

I think there may be a limitation to all this, but so far, he's been creative! He had a bit of a lag over the depths of winter, but he's back!

It all began Aug. 10th, 2021, and this is reverse order.


June 19 – It really WAS Father's Day. Snuggle Bears presented JB with a new t-shirt. And miniature flags!

June 12 – I thought it was Father's Day! 
Silly me. We laughed and laughed. I thought last Sunday was Father's Day. The cats bought Joseph Brian a book about cats. Snuggle Bears presented it.

June 7
"Bear Lodge 1978 Order of Happy Bears; Meeting Comes to Order"

May 24 – they welcomed the family after the power outage.

May 2nd

April 22

April 20 – Royal Family Photo; God Save The Queen (It was her birthday!)
April 19th

April 18  – they were cold and tired, and went back to bed.

April 15


April 7
I brought the bunnies up for April. They became reacquainted with the bears!

April 5

March 19th

March 14th – Pi Day!

March 13 – Daylight savings time!

Feb. 23

Feb. 26

Nov. 14, 2021

Snuggle bears admired grampa's birthday cards.

Nov. 13


Nov. 10

Sun., Nov. 8

Grampa was creative. I found the castle behind the couch. We used to play with it so much. 

Nov. 7th

Nov. 6th – The June Taylor dancers!

October 31st

October 26

October 11

October 9

October 8

October 7
They are using JB's grandfather's level, antique now! Also, my late father's measurement converter.

October 6

October 5

While a new idea for a tableaux is a challenge, he outdid himself with this one!

October 3 – it's a workout! 

October 2 – new friends

October 1st

September 28

September 27th –  ♪♫Angels we have heard on high!

The Bears September 26th

Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Tuesday, September 21

Monday, Sept. 20th – we had an election. There was a voter's list, a list of candidates, as well.

Sunday, Sept. 19th – Even the bears got into Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Sept. 17th – bears consider winter hibernation locations

Sept. 16th – considering a voyage along the Tay River.

Sept. 14th – Bears are considering going over the mountain to see what they could see! This is a sculpture we bought JB from Kiwi Garden Show at Art In The Garden in 2019.

Monday, Sept. 13 – they are studying world geography! This globe was a Christmas gift for JB awhile back. I loves his maps.

Sept. 11 – they visited Easter Island!

JB bought these on one of his last outings with his mother in Yorkville. They hold glasses. 

Sept. 10 – they met Tigger

Sept. 9 – preparing for football season

Sept. 8th – there was a race

Sept. 7

Sept. 6th

Sept. 3rd

Sept. 2nd, I did a show. Here is Polar Bear telling them about her home.

Oh, deer! Sept. 1

It was time for a song. Aug. 30

Polar Bear reading a book about bears!

Her friends wanted to her to read to them.

Normally, she just lectures them. She has a wide range of stories.
They are at the movies.

August 10

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