I made the bed, one fateful morning. I arranged the bears one atop the other. JB didn't notice. He usually makes the bed. My back isn't great for a couple of hours in the morning. I suggested we could change them up every day. Last year JB wondered if we should stop doing the bears, but I love them!

I think there may be a limitation to all this, but so far, he's been creative! He had a bit of a lag over the depths of winter, but he's back!

It all began Aug. 10th, 2021, and this is reverse order.


March 1st


The panoramic image. The signage says, BEARVILLE ANNUAL ART SHOW! (Grampa was inspired by the art show at the Ottawa girls' high school, they put photos on the family photo stream!)

Oct. 23
I surprised Joseph! They were in the dark – and he walked by several times. Finally, he had to put laundry away, and turned the light on. I heard him laugh aloud. I'm not sure why we have three cat masks!


Nov. 14
🐻 Snuggle Bears have had some inspiration. The sign says, "The Bears and the new Watchtower!"
June 19 – It really WAS Father's Day. Snuggle Bears presented JB with a new t-shirt. And miniature flags!

June 12 – I thought it was Father's Day! 
Silly me. We laughed and laughed. I thought last Sunday was Father's Day. The cats bought Joseph Brian a book about cats. Snuggle Bears presented it.

June 7
"Bear Lodge 1978 Order of Happy Bears; Meeting Comes to Order"

May 24 – they welcomed the family after the power outage.

May 2nd

April 22

April 20 – Royal Family Photo; God Save The Queen (It was her birthday!)
April 19th

April 18  – they were cold and tired, and went back to bed.

April 15


April 7
I brought the bunnies up for April. They became reacquainted with the bears!

April 5

March 19th

March 17th, 2022

March 14th – Pi Day!

March 13 – Daylight savings time!

Feb. 23

Feb. 26

Nov. 14, 2021

Snuggle bears admired grampa's birthday cards.

Nov. 13


Nov. 10

Sun., Nov. 8

Grampa was creative. I found the castle behind the couch. We used to play with it so much. 

Nov. 7th

Nov. 6th – The June Taylor dancers!

October 31st

October 26

October 11

October 9

October 8

October 7
They are using JB's grandfather's level, antique now! Also, my late father's measurement converter.

October 6

October 5

While a new idea for a tableaux is a challenge, he outdid himself with this one!

October 3 – it's a workout! 

October 2 – new friends

October 1st

September 28

September 27th –  ♪♫Angels we have heard on high!

The Bears September 26th

Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Tuesday, September 21

Monday, Sept. 20th – we had an election. There was a voter's list, a list of candidates, as well.

Sunday, Sept. 19th – Even the bears got into Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Sept. 17th – bears consider winter hibernation locations

Sept. 16th – considering a voyage along the Tay River.

Sept. 14th – Bears are considering going over the mountain to see what they could see! This is a sculpture we bought JB from Kiwi Garden Show at Art In The Garden in 2019.

Monday, Sept. 13 – they are studying world geography! This globe was a Christmas gift for JB awhile back. I loves his maps.

Sept. 11 – they visited Easter Island!

JB bought these on one of his last outings with his mother in Yorkville. They hold glasses. 

Sept. 10 – they met Tigger

Sept. 9 – preparing for football season

Sept. 8th – there was a race

Sept. 7

Sept. 6th

Sept. 3rd

Sept. 2nd, I did a show. Here is Polar Bear telling them about her home.

Oh, deer! Sept. 1

It was time for a song. Aug. 30

Polar Bear reading a book about bears!

Her friends wanted to her to read to them.

Normally, she just lectures them. She has a wide range of stories.
They are at the movies.

August 10

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