April 27 – they seem to be trying up on the ledge, under the back deck.
May 4 – still working on it.
May 18 – 3 eggs
May 20 – 5 eggs
June 4 could be hatch day! She laid an egg a day for 5 days. 
June 5 – They hatched! 
June 12 – parents madly feeding them.
Jun 21 – They fledged!


Phoebe has nested under the back deck.
June 22 – Critters! Paint roller mirror invention.

June 29th – 

July 8th

July 10 – Turtle rescue & phoebe  
Tuesday, July 16 – I spooked them and they flew off.

Today, April 28th, 2019, I spotted the beginnings of a nest in the shed!

May 13th, female on the nest. A bit chilly, so I left her alone.
Four eggs, May 15th.

The eggs are due to hatch somewhere around May 26th, to fledge around June 13th.
They hatched on May 29th. I checked them June 6th, and they were gone. I don't think they fledged. I know we have critters in the area.


April 6th. Phoebe is hanging about.  
April 28 – Phoebe has chosen the shed!
June 26 – 5 fresh eggs!

2018 – Eastern Phoebe Shed

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