We have seen a strange cat in previous years. I called him Pickles. It was in the summer, though. 

😼Feral cat - AKA Oregano

I was wondering if this one was out on weekends, when the tourists are up. With so many working from cottages that could be a possibility. This one doesn't seem to be feral, but who knows. It's out at odd hours. I can tell, as Cinnamon gets all mushy and want to go out to 'play.' 

I began to feed it in January, leaving the cat house outdoors, with the heater, to prevent the food from freezing solid. I called him Oregano, as we have Nutmeg and Cinnamon, and he could be a sibling.

By the time I snagged him on the trailcam, I realized he'd been spraying the cat house. 

  I tracked him. March 2nd, and found he'd come from across the highway.


Here are my Oregano sightings, beginning in 2021:  


Saturday morning, Jan. 23, I unplugged the Christmas lights, and plugged in the heated cat house. My plan is to find out if he stays here, or not. Either he has a home, or he hunkers down in there. It's a 25 W heater, adequate for the cats. 

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