Wednesday 3 November 2021

Clouds everywhere!

Yes, indeed. The weather is changing. On Monday, the low light levels highlighted everything!

I love the dark clouds, looking as if it is time for snow. November clouds are different.

Tuesday was a bit chilly! 

The birds are happy with the feeders! This one a gift from son Jesse and his family a few years ago! 

On Tuesday, I could see a line of clouds. I watched them approach.

We are in for snow, at some point. The Great Lakes are quite warm, which means Lake Effect snow is more likely as cold winds pick up the moisture and brings it our way.

I'm still working on leaves around the house. The ladder is still up, as the wind is sending catalpa tree leaves into the gutter, and over the rooftop, onto the back deck.

I could hear the aquarium topper creak. I knew he was up there. 

I'm still working on a plan!

Having scolded Cinnamon off the fish tank, I looked out in the yard and thought I spotted Nutmeg. Nope! She was downstairs watching the backyard, for good reason. This was our little feral visitor (I think) that I named Oregano. He's back! He turned to look at me (Nutmeg wouldn't bother!) and rushed off  'quick and sprightly,' to quote Isabelle!

Oregano was a frequent visitor in winter. (He's an intact male – the worst kind!) I caught him on the front porch trailcams last year.

After walkies to the trailcams, I checked on the goldfish pond: two frogs and one toe biter. I caught one in October, so I figured there had to be two. [Moving the froggies] Catching it in the net, I took off to the wetland.

I moved the water beetle to the wetland. I give up on the froggies! It flew away before I made it, but hopefully in it flew in the right direction.


Tom said..."s that time of year when the sun takes its vocation!

Phil Slade said...

I'm so pleased that we don't have Calpa trees. Our gutters are always full of normal sized leaves.

RedPat said...

It has been really sunny here although windy so hopefully the snow stays away for a while.

Nancy J said...

Oregano, maybe he is a winter visitor only, Be careful up that ladder, we now pay the plumber to clean out the spouting .

The Padre said...

Beautiful As Can Be - And What A Leaf - Happy Kitty Equals Happy Human - Big Hugs


Cloudia said...

You can't imagine how exotic and interesting this all is to me sitting here in Waikiki, Jen

William Kendall said...

We had temperatures at the freezing mark when I looked at my thermometer this morning.

Jeanie said...

Nice shot of the bird and feeder. And I know exactly what you mean about those dark clouds. They're more interesting.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Just caught up on your posts, Jen. Love the haircut and that photo of you...a very young looking grandma! Also love your header photo...very typical of around here in the last weeks of autumn. Nippy out there this morning; -6 here in my neck of the woods. Have a wonderful day.

Anvilcloud said...

We had a very light snow yesterday morning and a pretty heavy frost this morning.

Kay said...

Those toe biters sends shivers up my spine.

We're getting a lot of clouds over here too and I'm liking the cooler temperatures.