Friday 15 October 2021

Bringing in the goldfish

Yes, Yam, it is that time of year! It is officially Autumn.

We've 16 frogs in the goldfish pond. It freezes and thaws over winter, what with climate change, which is bad for the froggies as well as the tropical goldfish. This is why I take the frogs down to the wetland. It's horrid taking the little bodies out in the spring, smelly and rotting.

The goldfish population has changed over the years! Shirley was a favourite. I think I made it up to Shirley 5.  There are so many varieties of goldfish.


I'm down to 5 goldfish. Oops, I was preparing this post in early October, and October 6th another one died. We are at 4 goldfish.  With the pandemic, I cannot replace any I've lost. The supply chain just isn't working for them. There are three orange ones, as well as one white, having lost its colour.

The big one is like a piranha! I call him Percy, after my ex-late FIL's Percy Piranha.

One year the fishies had dozens of babies. The kids took some home, we brought ours in with the adults, but they all died. I was surprised last week. I was watching the goldfish, prior to their traumatic pond removal. There were two 8 cm babies! I was so excited. Can you see one in the middle?

I began watching them, feeding them fish pellets to get them a little friendlier. Babies! We have babies! goldfish  

It's a big decision when to bring them in. I usually have to drain the goldfish pond, that means risking the water lilies if it gets cold.  I want the goldfish pond to be able to fill back up, for the water lilies.  This looks good for a weekend fill up. It can be cold working on the pond, 

I'd best do it this week! It's no fun playing around in the water when it is cold.

I filled the 60 gallon tank with the garden hose on Monday, Oct. 11th. The well water is so cold. It takes a couple of days for the water to warm, as well as for the water to clear up. It needs to get that balance of pH and all that. 

Oct. 12 it was still cold, and there was lots of condensation. By Wednesday things looked good.

I woke bright and early on Thursday. This was the day! I skipped my workout, I knew it'd be a long day. First step was to drain the pond. I've learned my lesson. It's just easier to find them when the pond is drained.

I got bored waiting for fishies, so I fished out some frogs. The first lot I had 7 of them. I tootled them on down to the wetland. I had a lid for this, as the larger ones jump out. They sat together and thought about it before they moved off! They need the wetland in which to hibernate, under the water and mud.

They landed together and sat looking at me.

I kept draining the goldfish pond. The fishies kept looking at me, teasing me.

The blue bucket held the frogs, the metal bucket was for the fishies. Two frogs jumped into the fish bucket instead of the blue one. Sigh!

The water kept draining. I made four trips down to the wetland to deliver a total of 18 frogs. The sun came out. It was a good day to do this. It was easy to spot the fish. 

Fishies in, I began to fill the pond up from the water barrel. I couldn't figure out why it was filling so slowly. Turns out a dead chipmunk was plugging the drainage hole into the pond. I'd pulled it out with my hand, thinking it was just debris. Gross.

They are all tucked in, and rain is on the way to fill the pond back up and I'll be playing with frogs for while. FIVE BABIES!!! Percy is huge. I shall have to work on proper photos, but I am weary.

I started at 9 a.m., after a failed attempt to get a flu shot (long story), and finished up at 2:45.  I found a part from my pond pump that had fallen in. I nearly fell in getting it out. It's very slippery. I had to stand on the cement blocks in the bottom. 

After this, we went out for a last meal on a patio. Things are closing up, and it's getting cold. It clouded over, but no matter. A good day had by all. We came home and I put Dr. Ho's thingies on my thighs. I was sore!

2021 – 9 goldfish in for the winter
  • Percy
  • sickly white one
  • 2 older orange ones
  • 5 new babies

Over the years: 

October can be too cold to be playing in water.

Oct. 1, 2019: Fall choresTwas a frosty morn! (Indoor pump broke that year, 11 fish)
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Anvilcloud said...

I do hope you were singing a version of that hymn -- Brining in the Fish. :)

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
YAY! Now I don't have to feel so bad if it feels like I need to switch on the central heating of an evening... if the fish aren't in, it's too early!!!

Welcome inside Percy and gang - Happy wintering! YAM xx

Tom said...

...too bad that your pond isn't deeper.

Gaelyn said...

You are a good person rescuing the fishies and frogies from certain frozen death. The chipmunk was over the top. You earned a meal out.

RedPat said...

What a big chore!
Just got my flu shot!

Nancy J said...

Down here we didn't need to winter over the goldfish, and before we had them, one winter there was very thick ice on the larger pond. Love your wee baby one, and the indoor tank, a lot of work transferring the frogs, you must be so happy the task is all done. Now put your feet up and have a hot coffee!!!

William Kendall said...

They must wonder what it's all about.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

That pond seems like a lot of work, but I am sure the rewards it delivers all year make it well worth while. A friend of mine stocked his pond with fish but I think within a week the herons and a grateful kingfisher had relieved him of his aquatic pets!

Lowcarb team member said...

After all that work you deserved a meal out ...

All the best Jan

Kay said...

I think it's so cool to have an outdoor fish pond though it's a lot of work to bring them in when winter comes.

Jeanie said...

I always wondered how people with fish in ponds did it, so thanks for this wonderfully illuminating post! I hope they all make it though the winter!