Monday, 25 October 2021

First frost!

Oct. 23

Our buck appeared, again.

A nuthatch hit the window the other day. I put it up on the table to take care of it later. Butch raccoon took care of it for me, and left a thank you gift, too.

I hurried out, before breakfast, to grab shots of the frost.

The frog pond is done for the season.

It's amazing the temperature differences. The water has temperature inertia and takes longer to get cold. The puddle where we put the froggies is cold, but not frozen.

The fungus is growing.

I enjoy the changing light levels. 

They never did produce any fruit!

Look who I met on the back lawn! 

The catnip did really well.

The leaves are nearly done.

The conkers are still conking! The buds are looking good for spring.

Peter has a full basket of horse chestnuts. Autumn unfolds as it should.

I went ditch diving Sunday. I put my brace on in my boots. Some people are so lazy, chucking garbage out the window. There were several beer cans, as well. Just disgusting.

So much for cleaning up my hostas, Furry Gnome!

I was wandering down to the trailcams, and thought I saw a coyote! Silly me.


Anvilcloud said...

We had some ice on the birdbath one morning, and the car windows have been frosty even when there hasn't seemed to have been a general frost. We don't seem to have had a 'killing' frost yet.

Tom said...

...we haven't had a frost at home, but up in the Adirondack they have beenb into the low 20F.

RedPat said...

We had a bit of white on part of the roof but all the plants are still hanging in for a bit longer.

eileeninmd said...


We are having warmer temps here and above normal temps for this time of the year.
Pretty photos. What will you do with the chestnuts, are they for the critters?
Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

DUTA said...

Throwing garbage out of the window - in Canada too? I thought that's only third world behavior. You're right - it's disgusting.

Red said...

Lots of exciting changes in the fall.

Bindu said...

It was raining all day in Toronto. The morning commute was slow.
I can't believe people throw garbage through the window! What a disgusting act!!!

William Kendall said...

We are seeing near frost temps in the city.

The Furry Gnome said...

Glad you're spared the trouble of cleaning up your Hostas. Those patterns from the early frosts are amazing!

Christine said...

Wow first frost!

The Liberty Belle said...

Your photos capture the beauty of the season. I imagine that those chestnuts would go very well in some stuffing.

Lorrie said...

The first frost marks the turn of the season. Poor little nuthatch.

Azka Kamil said...

like your post

Jeanie said...

Beautiful photos, all. We are due for frost as well. I'm so not ready!