#ONPOLI 2018

UPDATE: first steps of the new government

Provincial Election 2018

That was sad... Trump North is in as our Ontario Premier. Doug Ford. Locally, our NDP man did very well, as 30% of the vote. Traditionally, our riding has had about 30% of the vote going to the Liberals. It was only 40% turnout.

We watched the polls from B.C.

Ramsey Hart is the ED of The Table, a very forward-thinking food bank, which educates clients and even children, holding cooking classes, and the like.

While away on our trip to Vancouver, we kept checking in on the election.

We are having a provincial election. Lots of fun for everyone. The last one was a Federal . The polls have proven interesting. I've been doing a graph, just to keep up my skills!
This is from CBC's Ontario Votes Tracker.

Poor JB heard a discussion of politics at the store. He said he couldn't vote for Ford, he's like Trump. They are saying Trump improved the economy and that is great. (The economy tanked in 2008, Obama improved it!) Trump has little to do with it!

From 2014

Doug Ford's PCs and Andrea Horwath's New Democrats have traded the lead in recent days, with the PCs inching ahead in the latest update. Despite the close margin in the popular vote, the PCs still have a better regional distribution of that vote and so are favoured to win more seats, though the odds of the NDP winning the most seats is about 1 in 9. The Liberals appear to have hit their floor in support.
The PCs are still projected to win the most seats because they hold a lead in the GTA-Hamilton-Niagara region, where they can win more than twice as many seats as the NDP despite a relatively modest edge in the polls. But they are losing their advantage quickly — the NDP has moved ahead in Toronto and has widened its lead in southwestern and northern Ontario. The best hope for the Liberals at this stage is a few seats in and around Toronto and Ottawa, where the party still retains some pockets of support.


Our riding has changed to Lanark Frontenac Kingston (from Lanark Frontenac Lennox & Addington in 2015).

Yes. Guess who we are voting for?! 

There is lots of signage

I don't want to get too much into it, but sometimes you have no choice.
Can you see who was elected head of the Conservatives in  ?
Do you remember Rob Ford? His brother, Doug Ford, who failed to get elected as Toronto Mayor, is now heading the Ontario Conservative party. SIGH

It began with a shameful resignation. Patrick Brown got into trouble, and there was a snap leadership convention in Ontario, with many veiled issues hinted at by many, including Hillier.
He's not much good, a millionaire, with inherited wealth, dissing the 'elites.' He doesn't have a costed platform, even his planks are shaky.
Hillier is pretty snarky, at times, on Twitter.

My local MPP has blocked me on Twitter. I found a site where they retweet his tweets.  He's fairly snarky.

Our libertarian MPP
founded this group

Election 2018 – a new, large district

Election 2014 My riding

Political history

Progressive Conservative Randy Hillier beat Liberal Bill MacDonald by a vote margin of 9,967 in the 2011 election. The Tory was first elected into office by an 820-vote margin over Liberal Ian Wilson in the 2007 election. The Liberals captured the Hastings-Frontenac-Lennox & Addington riding in 1999 as Leona Dombrowsky eked out a victory over PC Harry Danford by less than 2,000 votes. 
Flashback to Sept. 2016 when then-PC Leader Patrick Brown said he erred in engaging w McVety, who has fought the sex-ed program, same-sex marriage and gay-straight alliances in schools https://t.co/xVuyYmgVLx https://t.co/GoDBe6ghuX
— David Rider (@dmrider) May 10, 2018

Hillier is in the news back in January

UPDATED: Randy Hillier files integrity complaint against Patrick Brown

Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington MPP Randy Hillier faces harassment allegation from Tory candidate

2 years ago, a sitting #PCPO MPP harassed me, intimidated me, & used his body to bully & scare me out of getting involved in politics. I gave him an opportunity to apologize and recognize that his actions were wrong. He chose to deny it ever happened. #onpoli
"I’m truly sorry if you felt intimidated." MPP Randy Hillier
— Goldie Ghamari 🇨🇦 (@gghamari) January 29, 2018

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