Thursday, 8 April 2021

🐣happy days... springtime🌂

 Is there anything more delightful than spring???!!! 

The tulips in the foreground have been nibbled by bun-bun! Little twerp!

I opted to take a photo of the crocus. You never know if it will disappear in the night! Which one do you prefer? It's tricky with my eyeballs and camera focus. I don't like wandering around with my reading glasses. Lord knows I lose them in the house, as it is!

I am afraid, with an early spring, we're going to have a need for more rain. We shall see what happens. These are unusual temperatures, our averages being 10 C. => 2 C. overnight.

Down in the forest, chocolate bunny eggs, and coyote poop!

The wood duck box is waiting for a family.

The backyard has been busy. Not so many deer, now that the grass is growing. The deer stopped in her tracks to watch the crows ! They were raucous.

This was from the backyard trailcam, under the deck. The usual suspects, but a bird of some persuasion. Now, the robin and phoebe both built nests here last year. I'm wondering what it is!

Now I know what it is! The next day, he sat and sang for me. phoebe



Tom said...

...oh happy days!

Olga said...

Sure signs of spring all over your post today!
I so relate to the glasses thing.

William Kendall said...

I don't know if there's still any snow in the watershed, but if not, then rain is due.

Anvilcloud said...

We are enjoying these few days while we can.

Lorrie said...

Spring days are so filled with hope. Love both crocus photos!

Nancy J said...

Crocus #1, love the close up with all the detail. Your grass has greened up so quickly, and those deer, noisy crows and a warbling Phoebe, delightful to listen to them all.

Cloudia said...

So delightful being in the country with you, J

Karen said...

Phoebe woke me up this morning. She/He was sitting on the railing post right outside my bedroom window yelling it's head off at first light. I left the bedroom window wide open last night so I could hear the peepers.
I'm worried we are going to have another drought year.

NatureFootstep said...

there is somthing coming down from the skies outside my window. Not sure if it is rain or snow. Shall I send some to you???

Love the wildlife and flowers :)