Saturday, 22 August 2009

Weddings in Muskoka

Many beautiful brides are married in Muskoka. There are photographers, like ours: Terry Hryrnk, who make a living doing photography outdoors in the natural Muskoka environment. Some are looking for something REALLY different, like blindfolding the bride and groom for a photoshoot. Dunno. Don't ask. I am an official old f@rt!

We were married on our front lawn, the photo shows us with my late parents. I adapted the ceremony from Marianne Williamson's book. Muskoka tradition is that we often are barefoot!

Here we are on our dock.

What a beautiful place for a wedding! August 22, 2002
After the ceremony, we went on the Wenonah for a dinner cruise. It was glorious. Below is the Segwun, its sister ship. Last year we visited and had another dinner cruise, here are the photos. You'll notice Brian made a friend!

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Apparently, this year our plans for the day are a surprise. We are going to be somewhere for the day. I cannot wait!
Update: after giving me zero hints, and some misleading clues, I find we are going for the day to Algonquin Park's Arowhon Lodge for lunch. How civilized! The kids were in on it. Who knew? Since hubby camped on a farm for the first 10 years of his life, he jokes with his friends that camping means no room service! Hence, this buffet, with BYOB and no corkage fees, will be a rare treat.
 Update 2:
Yogi attended a wedding with a helicopter featuring prominently. Who knew?!

 Marvellous photographer from Barrie:
Pat & Ange's Muskoka wedding « Jennifer Klementti Photography Blog
By jenniferklementti
In late September, I had the pleasure of photographing Ange & Pat's fabulous wedding in Muskoka on Lake of Bays…just in time for some beautiful fall weather and colours. They had an entire resort to themselves & their guests to enjoy…
Shortly after our wedding my mother had her first surgery for cancer. She'd put this off in order to arrange our wedding here at her home. Dad's brain tumour attacked him in 2003. We moved here in 2006, then after they passed we inherited their house and have lived here in My Muskoka since.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great wedding pictures. Great place to have a wedding it looks like to me.

Cloudia said...

How lovely;
thanks for inviting us, Jenn


Comfort Spiral

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

Jain said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple, congratulations on your anniversary!

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you for all your best wishes! I must admit that we are both a little more: older and a lot wiser. And menopause has wreaked its havoc, but it was a memorable place to wed and I wanted to laud it!

Megan said...

Very nice, Jenn!