Friday, 4 June 2010

Muskoka G8 souvenirs

 These are our ideas, aided by my clever politico hubby! The way I coped with being caregiver to both my palliative-care parents was having a sense of humour (and anti-depressants!).

The G8 fences are phenomenal and incredibly out of character for the natural beauty of Muskoka.
 Let's laugh at together and hold hands.

Everyone is having fun. One commenter compared it to the infamous artist, Christo, who actually wrapped fences. Let us hope not!

HuntsvilleOnline - The Silver Fence

If the G8 'Fence' had any relationship to a Christo installation maybe the whole G8 exercise might have some redeeming feature.

Hooray for regular Huntsville folks who are putting up with incredible crap for the politicians (municipal and the feds) who are eager to host this summit.

G8 brings trepidation in Huntsville -

 3 Jun 2010 ... “We have a new tourist site; it's the G8 fence.” On Tripp's street, a steady stream of curious locals drives by, straining for a glimpse of...Tor Star

Some business folks are making a bundle, but the profits are restricted: to Deerhurst, Fowler (who installed in the fence), the 1100-member private security firm they hired, et al, as G8 guests will be limited to Deerhurst. Not even spouses will be attending. Those in the immediate proximity will be severely impacted. The rest of Muskoka breathes a sigh of relief, my heart goes out to my friends who will have to hunker down at home!

Hubby suggested T-shirts:

I was in HV and all I saw was a fence.
I decided to photoshop a sample.
I thought a jacket would be best, as Muskoka can be pretty cold at times of the year.

How about a video:
Iggy and Paul Dewar singing
"Don't Fence Me in!"

Bing Crosby - Don't Fence Me In

 Then there are the songs that can be written...


Oh, Lord be a fence around me everyday / Come help me say, Jesus ... Jesus be a fence.
News Report: 

G8 leaders' spouses won't be going to Huntsville (06/04/2010) It appears the G8 Summit at Deerhurst will be a stag affair. Spouses of the G8 leaders won't be going to the exclusive resort in Ontario's cottage country with their mates, The Canadian Press has learned.

 The fences will be a real tourist attraction. No more worrying about road kill. The animals won't get through!

I was shocked when I saw this t-shirt in Bracebridge, but now I'm not so sure it is so shocking!

This t-shirt I photoshopped, with tongue-in-cheek. Wouldn't be too bad!

I remember the last school day of the year at a middle school. One bus returned because one kid threw his yogurt at his friends. We all lined up and waved as the bus finally left the school parking lot.

Many will be glad to see them go!

Of course, we'll need more signage! These young ladies worked the Cranfest Festival. We are used to crowds in Bala, with 25,000 visitors over a few days! It sure changes the character of a town, however.


Nancy Tapley said...

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

What gives you the right to build a fence to keep me out, or to keep Mother Nature in???

sigh. The fence will be gone soon enough, and we'll have all that lovely open area through the bush where we can walk the dogs. Or not.

You can buy that fence, have it a souvenir... "My World Leader went to the G8, and all I got was this lousy piece of fence" sort of thing...

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, they can sell pieces of it as souvenirs, @Nancy!

Anonymous said...

I recollect someone as saying the G8 is like taking a beast to a ballet. Well, I hope it turns out to be a fine ballet such as Beauty and the Beast with an ending where the Beast and his servants become human again. I can hardly wait!

Carolyn said...

Jenn, I am glad you have a sense of humour about all this 'cause it really has got way out of hand.

We thought it was bad when BC Ferries fenced in all of their terminals with 8 ft chain link fence and barb wire before the Olympics and we are 500 kms away on an island....Welcome to Haida Gwaii!!!

Mom To The Power Of Three said...

I didn't realize they put up such an ugly fence for the G8. I did know that buses are not going to be running and that there will be road closures. I wonder how many politicians will actually stay in Huntsville during the whole event?