☔APRIL 🌦2019


April 27 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨
It is snowing on and off. 🌨Then rain.

April 26th – Flooding across the county and province.

Ontario Flooding

There is flooding everywhere in the country. Ontario, into Quebec, for example. Out west and out east. Lanark County has quite a few areas where the roads have been closed. We are up a small hill. For this, we are grateful.

April 19 - 20

April 15

Power outages across the province, especially in Ottawa and Sudbury. This storm began with tornadoes in Texas. 

April 14 – another storm, rain, thunderboomers! 34mm.

April 12th

April 11

April 9th – freezing rain, ice pellets, snow

A serious collision on highway #7, between Perth and Carleton Place, as well.

April 5th

Not much rain, but wacky swings in temperatures. We had snow Friday. The computer model kept changing its mind.

April 5th

It was winds we had!

Monthly totals

APRIL     liquid mm        snow

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