Sunday, 30 April 2017

April precipitation

April totals 

I began tracking in May, 2013, after the 2012 drought. In 2014, we had flooding, as well. Late snow on the crocus. This year we've had a goodly amount.

2017   127.5 mm
2016   15 cm snow
2015   84 mm
2014    160 mm
2013   84 mm

April 30 – what a change!

April 29

April 26 – Thunder Bay had some ice rain!

April 25 – rainy: 3mm

April 24 - Sunny day!

April 23 –flooding in Ontario

April 21

More clouds!

April 20 – 8 mm!

April 19 - storms brewed up 7mm!

April 16th  Rain fell: 3.8mm

It came in two waves, more or less. 

April 15th – Rain approacheth: 9.7 mm

April 11th – Lots of cloud, little rain 1.8 mm

April 6th – 40+ mm rain, local flooding, with a topping of snow!

I melted the snowfall, only 2.3 mm of liquid.

We've had 74 mm over a few days. This was from the Texas tornado system moving our way.

There were winds, and the resulting power outages. There is flooding across low-lying areas, too.

April 5th 

April 4th – AND, RAIN! We had 28.7 mm (~1+")

April 3rd – something's on its way!

April 1st

A bit of an April Fool's Day joke!
Eventually it all turned to snow fall, after a time. I measured the snow, but since so much melted, I used the rain gauge and we had 14mm of precipitation fall, over about 6 cm snow.


Cat Lover said...

Hi Jenn, it has been a crazy month weather-wise. The water around here is at a 100 year high. We drove by the Bay of Quinte on Saturday and the water has crested the banks and was lapping on the grass, something we have never seen before.
Hopefully the weather will warm up shortly.

Anvilcloud said...

If you like rain, the next two weeks should suit you fine according to the forecast anyway. I am not inspired by this as May is the time to do the gardening.

DUTA said...

I see you're interested in Meteorology records. I suppose one can learn a lot from keeping track of weather behavior. Kudos to you.

William Kendall said...

We had a lot of rain. Flooding conditions were a problem all through the Ottawa Valley last month. I live relatively close to the Rideau River in Old Ottawa South, but I didn't make it over to the east side of Bank. I know Windsor Park had its problems.