Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April rainfall

We had a goodly amount of rain this month. After the drought in 2012 this rainfall is wonderful.
I've been keeping track.
April 15th was one of those weird days when the temperature went up and down around the freezing point.
Our total rainfall form the big tornado/storms, April 29/30, was a mere 37mm, although it is still raining today, May 1st.

These storms drove their way up the coast, bashing into the Martime provinces.
April 30th it worked eastwards
The radar on April 30th shows the extent of the storm system.

This system killed something like 35 people in the USA. There was heavy rain across the south eastern parts of Canada on April 29th, and lasted until May 1st. The photos of the damage are horrific.
This is what the storm looked like in the US. Jackson, Mississippi is on the middle left.

meteoroligists warned Toronto about rain and wind

compare this screen capture from April 29th


Olga said...

We had the rain, but the wind has been relentless.

I am enjoying your poetry, by the way.

Naquillity said...

we must have missed the bigger part of the storm because that looks huge... we've only had rain for a few days mixed with sunshine and warm weather at times. it's sad that the weather has taken so many lives though. they can't be replaced like a home or property. but, i'm happy you've had the much needed rainfall. hope it helps your area. have a great day~

Roan said...

We had some rain and wind, but not damaging wind. Glad to see your drought conditions are improved.

Red said...

Do you moonlight as a weather commentator? Nice explanation of what happens.

William Kendall said...

I've got friends who live dead smack in the middle of tornado alley, in St. Louis, so I often worry through the summer when they're mentioning tornado warnings.

We got the rain yesterday and into today, but it's cleared up nicely now and I'm seeing a gorgeous sunset outside. I'm kicking myself for not having the camera on hand!

Kay said...

We have had such a difficult time with our weather in the U.S. The weather has been weird in Hawaii too.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That is a good amount of rainfall!