Sunday 2 January 2022

📺 Movie Review: Winter Castle

Here we are. A more typical January day. A cold front moved in on the jet stream, and it brought snow. I was awake at 11:30, after going to bed at 9, I peeked outside and there was our bunny under the feeder.

It is still snowing this morning. Once it stops I'll go out and blow it away. In the meantime, I am warm and cozy with my housecoat and jammies, and my coffee.

I had so much fun watching this one. It's your typical Christmas RomCom, but the locations are amazing. 

It began at the Ottawa Farmers Market: Le Moulin de Provence. This is our protagonist, walking to work, supposedly. Ullerup, the actor, was in a Canadian television show, Arctic Air, which we enjoyed. It was set in Yellowknife, filmed in British Columbia, and Northwest Territories.

Emilie Ullerup is a lovely Canadian actor born in Denmark. She moved to Vancouver in 2003. She trained there as an actor and has a prolific filmography. 

The film moved from Ottawa to the country, and to Quebec.

Isn't this wonderful?! This is an actual Ice Hotel. Village Vacances Valcartier
At $400 CDN/night, it's a tad beyond us. There are hot tubs and access to lots of nearby winter activities. I couldn't help feeling a bit cold, though.

I loved this pub. I haven't been able to find it, though. 

An old schoolhouse or church. These scenes were shot at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, east of Ottawa.

They do some wonderful outdoors activities, a ride with a horse and buggy. Winter scenes. It was a fun one, with people enjoying the winter and the Ice Hotel. 

The humorous part of the film is when our hero, 'Jenny,' tries her hand at cross-country skiing. She doesn't do too well skiing (part of the plot), but the actor was born and grew up in DENMARK❓❗


Elizabeth Edwards said...

oh, i know her ...well not closely but she is in one of my favorite tv shows. "Chesapeake Shores". it is a fun watch. looking forward to a new season, hopefully soon?? 2022 will be awesome. i know it. i can feel it. ( ;

Anvilcloud said...

What! No CP or Almonte? Tsk tsk.

Perth must have caught the edge of the snowfall, and we must have just missed it.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Even I enjoy a stress free rom/com these days, especially if the locations are interesting.

It's -10C here this morning which is pretty frosty for Oklahoma.

Christine said...

I didn't catch this one it sounds good.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's probably about as cold there as it is here. I was running around in shorts and sleeveless tops on Christmas, and today I am FREEZING! Of course, I have no one to blame but myself. I was stupid to leave town yesterday. After all it was raining. However while at the party I was invited to, the temp dropped and the rain turned to ice and sleet. To make matters worse, I didn't bring a coat to wear over my sweat shirt and jeans. What took a little over an hour to get to the party took over four hours to slip and slide home. Harrowing. I thought of you making your way out with the trash. Sort of how I felt.

I've never seen the actress you talked about although she is a beauty. I've seen Ice Hotels on a PBS special and fen wondered about them. Too pricey for me, too. Hope 2022 is treating you well, dear.

Maebeme said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Your bunny is brown? Our are totally white and won't be brown again until early spring.

The movie sounds like fun and the scenery is gorgeous.

Lorrie said...

Just as your temperatures drop and snow falls, ours are warming and the snow is melting. Much more typical! Where did you see this movie? It sounds interesting. Quite often one can run into movie production scenes here in Victoris.

William Kendall said...

I've never been to the Cumberland Museum.

Lowcarb team member said...

Here in the UK we've had a grey, dismal and damp day ...
It can only get better!
Bring on some sunshine soon please :)

Happy New Year Wishes.

All the best Jan

Cloudia said...

I'm wishing you dreamy winter days and nights!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Nice ice hotel! I have spent the night in a snow shelter a few times. The only cost was time in building and hollowing it out.