Saturday 13 April 2024

Fred Groundhog is here for the summer!

The grass is green and growing. I am itching to get outdoors, but we're on our 4th day in a row of rain. 

We have 16 acres of land. About 9 acres is wetland. I started tracking Fred, as he's disappear in September, and come back in spring. This is where I've found Holes by Fred. Yes, right around the house. He likes our lawn, I suppose. When I was ditch diving I found some holes across the gully, through the forest in the side of the highway. 

  1.  I filled in the holes behind the propane tank, at the corner of the house. 
  2.  The top right arrows show where the shed is, he has two holes there. 
  3.  The three arrows show his 3 holes under the lower deck.
  4.  The top left arrows show where he has dug into the edge of the yard, behind the fence.

Here are the details!

1. The propane tanks! He has stopped fussing here. I dissuaded him with logs. 

2. The shed is his current location. He knocked over the planter in his eagerness. He's dug two holes, an escape route, I guess.

3. Under the lower deck has been his preferred location. There was one hole here, then he dug another at the side, and then moved out prior to fall. 

Cinnamon knows he is in there, and keeps checking out the holes!

Cinnamon checking out burrows from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Fred dug an extension here at the side of the deck. It did not go well this year. I peeked in and could see water in the hole.

I don't know, but he might have dug into the drain that goes from the corner of the house, underground, to the lilac tree. I took out the pipe and let the water drain onto the driveway. Poor Fred!

4. Then there is the area beyond the septic bed. You can see it in the background. 

Here is the hole he's been working on. 

Several metres beyond, he's done an exit. 

What a busy beaver groundhog! 
I took Joseph Brian around to spot him! 

Fred Apr 9 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Too cute!!! YAM xx

Barbara Rogers said...

What a life! Your dear old Fred the Groundhog is busy burrowing here and there. And does seem to have awareness that you won't hurt him. Cinnamon might not be as lucky.

Karen said...

I'm surprised Stinsons didn't make a better base for your tanks. They laid down a good firm bed of cement dust and gravel for ours. Once it is rained on a time or two it will be hard and sturdy.

Cloudia said...

This is the best nature show around!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How interesting! You could write a book about these critters. I love learning more about them on your blog. I've never seen one here in Florida but we had them in NC. Enjoy your day!

RedPat said...

He is certainly getting into his spring work routine.

Anvilcloud said...

He's a holey sort of guy. Or do I recall that Fred is a girl?

Elephant's Child said...

Fred has been very busy.

Nancy J said...

He is quite attractive and very busy.

Red said...

Fred is a very active animal with all the burrows constructed.

Jeanie said...

Welcome back, Fred!

Elizabeth Edwards said...

do you know last night my hubby goes there is a woodpecker on the back door screen, i call him "Woody" the pileated woodpecker with that gorgeous red head. what a beauty. i said very kindly and softly Woody that is not a tree. silly creature. but i enjoy up close views. ( ;