Sunday 5 June 2022

Haircuts and pollen!

 Friday we had a mission. We met Caitlin at the Hostage Exchange site at 8:30, where we used to pick up or drop off the girls during COVID and the 35 weeks of Gramma Camp. They'd left some stuff at our place from sheltering with us from the power outage. It was nostalgic! 

✄ Caitlin took Isabelle for a haircut Friday afternoon! What a difference! She has an undercut, and had a ton taken off. She is growing up, our lovely young lady

Josephine had her hair shortened last month. It is a trend! Although, Isabelle loves and respects her older sister, and often emulates her. They have a close bond, after COVID.

📺 Doing my workout in the basement, I had trouble finding something to watch on TV. Three Ontario news shows were going to feature our newly elected premier's speech, and it seemed to me he was smirking. I couldn't watch it. US news was featuring issues around guns, which is heartbreaking. 

Ukraine citizens are in dire straights. FORTE11 is based near them. The 🛫Air Traffic is busy. They came out of Turkey Sunday morning.

I turned to Vancouver morning news, and they were dealing with a couple of stabbings, and a car fire. Crikey! I wasn't feeling 100% so I called it a day after 15 minutes. I went outside to play.

I puttered outside, and tried to get some yard work done, but the bugs drove me indoors.The weeding will get done another day. Or not! I shall have to use proper bug spray, and shower afterwards. 

🎾 Roland Garros Tennis – The French Open

Then, we were watching tennis from Paris and poor Alexander Zverev (GermanyGermany) rolled his ankle during the match against Nadal (SpainSpain). That looked painful. I know. I did it on the ice outside my portable in the early 90s.  

JB turned on the men's tennis semifinal, and the Ruud (NorwaySweden) and Čilić (CroatiaCroatia) match was stopped during the third set. A young woman wrapped a cable around the net, and the necklace she was wearing, tying up the game. She was protesting climate change, "We have 1028 days left." They hustled the players off the court while they dealt with it. The broadcaster didn't show any more of the incident, which is their policy.

In more tennis news, the French Open's 1st female director says women's tennis holds less 'appeal' than men's, which is why she schedules the men during peak night time hours. In 2016 in LA, a male tennis director stepped down when he revealed his gender biasDjokovic echoed the sentiment at the time, but didn't face any blowback. Sadly, the Paris transportation system was shut down when one men's game ended at 1 a.m., as the men play 5 sets, the women 3. People, it is 2022. 

Our travels to Franktown and back 

The crops are growing. Unlike Ukraine. 

 🏤Lanark Lifestyles <= see all my drive-by photos.  
Lanark Lifestyles is coming along.

Unlike my header, the rhododendron aren't blooming as much as when I first bought it. The spongy moth caterpillars ate it up last year. We shall see how it comes along. I'm not sure what to do about it. Mulch, maybe? I wrapped it in burlap over winter, as the deer like it.
This is the plant that the Spongy Moth caterpillars tore into last year. Thankfully, the caterpillars have died off and moved on. 

The allium

The pine trees are generating a lot of pollen.

pine tree pollen from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Tom said... allergies are awful this spring.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I barely brush the headlines these days, simply to be able to know if stuff crops up in conversation. Beyond that, I just get on with life. It's all we can do, really. YAM xx

DUTA said...

I seem to be interested more in the tennis players (both male and female) than in the game itself. There are always piquant stories about the tennis stars: the serbian Djokovich, the sisters Serena and Venus Williams, Sharapova, Nadal, Federer etc..

Barbara Rogers said...

My poor car is outside and whenever I want to drive it (almost daily) the windshield must be washed of the yellow dread pollen. Don't even imagine that the rest of the card has drifts of it stuck to it! No rain this week, so it just sits and collects. Granddaughter's look cute...becoming young women!

RedPat said...

The girls are growing up.

Anvilcloud said...

I hope Nadal does it today. He’s a fave of mine.

That apartment building is completely sold out, I understand. Amazing. Did I tell you that they plan to build a home in CP? They have approval, but someone is kicking up a fuss — our former, unloved mayor.

Red said...

Really sad that there was such a very low voter turnout.

William Kendall said...

I know someone who rolled her ankle a few days back. She's having problems with it.

Cloudia said...

You and I are both lucky that we can take our solace in nature. Somehow we need to care without destroying ourselves. We have reached the age where self-preservation is a virtue. Carry on my dear!

Jeanie said...

I've been having a punky weekend, lots of coughing and sneezing. Rick reminded me that it's a very bad pollen year year. I hope that's it.

Lowcarb team member said...

I think the pollen is worse this year!!!
Not good.

All the best Jan