Thursday, 20 June 2019

Things are blooming!

The pansies are going strong. Such sweet little faces!

I moved my old rhododendron. Cross your fingers for me.

The new rhodo and the poppies in the background!

This is my unusual peony. It has a flower, again! There is another bud on the way, as well. We've been here since 2010, and it blossomed the first time last year.

This catalpa tree is really slow to develop some leaves. The other one is coming along. It was a tough winter. I lost a lot of plants.

OK, back to the flowers.

Up above, things are booming, too!

Helicopter from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Anvilcloud said...

So many flowers that I don't have in our postage stamp garden. Even some that I have are waning as the tree around which they are planted grows.

I think I am 100% or close enough. There is still a little tenderness to the touch, but one more little ache or pain in a sea of them isn't a problem.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful blooms and images. Wishing you a happy day!

Powell River Books said...

Last summer I used the dead heads and trimmings as mulch in several of my vegetable plant containers on the cabin deck. Last fall I was surprised to see them sprouting and I was even more surprised to see that the fledgling plants made it through the winter. I transplanted them and have my deck flower boxes full of free pansies. - Margy

Nancy J said...

The Peony, that is the Queen of all flowers to me, and blooms or booms, a blue sky tells me you have a sunshiney day up North.We have had rain at 3 a.m. a cold wind now , so a day to be inside sewing.

William Kendall said...

Very pretty blooms!

Rain said...

Your flowers are so pretty! Especially the peonies!! It hasn't really been hot enough here for the flowers to start blooming, but I'm seeing some buds!!

Christine said...

stunning flowers!

Karen said...


Kay said...

Those flowers are so gorgeous. I've never seen peonies that look so feathery before. Fuchias are one of my favorites and pansies are so pretty too.