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Flight Radar published a post about the air traffic overseas. They found some interest in the military air traffic, as did I! You can track planes by their ICAO codes. [P.S. I've moved my local/Ontario flight page here. Also, websites that follow be sea or air.]

 UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres:

This war must end. The people of Ukraine cannot bear the violence being inflicted on them and the most vulnerable people around the world cannot become collateral damage for which they bear no responsibility.

Also, @simon_huwiler has create a map (US War Data) showing all the Russian troop placements. This page of mine explains itThe Live UA Map shows incursions into Ukraine.  Flight Radar has published an interesting piece about the different planes, drone, and surveillance tools, in NATO support in the air.

June 29

June 27/28

June 26

June 23

June 22

June 18

June 16, 2022

June 14

June 11

June 9

June 7th

June 5th

June 5th

June 4th

June 3rd

June 2nd

June 1st

May 30

May 28

May 25

May 24 – we had power outages here. I cannot imagine what they are going through there.

May 19

May 18

May 16

May 14

May 13

May 12

May 11

May 9

May 8

May 7

And in Syria... 

May 6 – rumours of another Russian ship on fire

May 5 –

May 4 – 'No Call Sign', FORTE10, RAF ( RRR7234), Romanian Air Force (ROF1104)

"US air force deployed six F-16 Fighting Falcon
 fighter jets to Borcea air base in southeastern Romania." 

May 3

May 2nd

FORTE12 - Northrop Grumman 
RQ-4B Global Hawk 
REDEYE6 - Boeing E-8C 
NATO11 - Boeing E-3A Sentry 
NO CALLSIGN - Most likely a Boeing P-8 Poseidon:

May 1st

April 30

April 29

April 28

April 27

April 26 – talk of war, and threats by Russia

April 25

The red between Moldova and Ukraine is Transnistria.

April 24th

Saturday, April 23rd, the Russians are bombing Ukraine

Friday, April 22

Wednesday, April 20

Monday, April 18th

Sunday, April 17th

Saturday, April 16th


Thursday, April 14th

Wednesday, April 13th

Monday, April 11th

Sunday, April 10th

Saturday, April 9th

Friday, April 8th

Thursday, April 7th

They've moved out of the northern areas near Kyiv, for now.

Wed., April 6th

April 5 – Tuesday, Bucha happened


April 3 – Sunday, after horrible incidents of mass murder in Ukraine.

There was an RAF KAYAK.

There were three DUKEs:

The US was flying two Stratocasters at 25,000'. These beasts are tankers. 

April 2

April 1, 2022

Both the US and NATO 01 were very close to Moldova, as well as one another. The US LAGR250 was at 24,975', and NATO01 was at 35,000'. Of course they are in feet, as the US controls the system.

March 31

March 29/30

March 28

March 27

March 26

March 25

During the appalling Russian war on Ukraine, many are watching the skies. Canada and the US have jets near there.

March 25th – Russians are traveling all around Ukraine. President Biden is in Poland re: Ukraine. 


Here’s the list of aircraft ICAO codes I find interesting:

  • 6285 – Russian Air Force
  • FORTE 11 and 12 belong to the US. 
  • LAGR 221 – US Stratotanker <= specs.
  • DUKE 50, 51, 73 – Sikorsky Blackhawk, US. (DUKE 73 is a Cessna.)
  • NATO 01 – Nato Boeing Sentry
  • KC-135: K35A – for refueling in the air, mostly USA. Also, KC–10A
  • RC-135: R135
  • UH-60M Blackhawk: H60
  • C 17 
  • CL35
  • An-124: A124
  • IL-76: IL76

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