Thursday, 6 January 2022

School, deer friends

Wednesday we drove into the city to return my inoperable Christmas/birthday present trailcamera. It was a gray day, but a nice 1-hour drive. It was a success. The camera is charging, more on that later! 

When we arrived home we watched news. 

 School went well for our grandies in Ottawa. I assured Josephine on the weekend, we texted some back and forth, that she has this. (Izzy doesn't normally answer my texts!!!) Momma told me that they slid right back into virtual school. They miss their friends, but we've learned so much about this virus. It could be 2 - 4 weeks, Ottawa's Dr. Etches said, but we shall see.

Everyone I heard from said the first few days went well. We've learned lots about doing online schooling. The funny thing was (see below), this is the school I went to in Toronto. Of course, the reporters and journalists have to horribilize it, click bait and all. 

"Without horribilizing, we can rue the bad, but still enjoy the good." – Psychology Today

Cottingham Public School, inner city Toronto. 


They are sitting chewing their cud. Waiting patiently for someone to come outside. 9 deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

 We had 11 deer the day following!

These two, You Two (AKA – 'the resident deer'), are quite comfortable around us. 
They've been around all summer eating my plants. I fed them, and brought the trailcam indoors. We don't need to feed them, but we enjoy it. Otherwise they stuff their bellies with dead weeds and branches, studies have shown. You Two deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


 🚁Air Traffic ✈

BTW – I emailed the company doing the airplane flyovers, and someone got back to me. It was a bit creepy until I figured them out. They did it on Dec. 24th, as well. 

Thanks for reaching out.  I am sorry that our flights made you uncomfortable.  We were conducting a magnetic survey for research purposes, which involved flying patterns at various altitudes, and it sounds like you were located near one of the patterns that was repeated several times...The aircraft you saw is equipped with magnetometers that measure the earth's naturally occurring magnetic field.  These sensors are completely passive and do not emit anything.

I emailed him back and thanked him for getting back to me. Puzzle solved. 


Tom said...

...some school here aren't going well. There are so many sick teachers, students and bus drivers.

William Kendall said...

The deer know they're safe around you.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That was a nice and informative message to receive back! Love the 'politics' going on among the deer herd... and of course, You Two are just the best! YAM xx

Anvilcloud said...

Well this is pretty much a good news post with your trailcam, deer, plane, and school going well.

Nancy J said...

Oh dear, a little bit of fighting at the " J B Ranch" , competition for the best tucker.And a reply about the low flying, that would be so unexpected, and a great explanation.

RedPat said...

Those deer certainly trust you guys!

Cloudia said...

Those are some lucky deer to have you for a pet!

DrumMajor said...

Cute! Looks like the political Deer Party convention! Can't tell if they're trying out the double dating scene, fighting over the spots of food, or both. More fun to see these than anything on TV or out our Kansas windows. (One view shows a date line of 2020; maybe it's 2022, or the deer secretary changed the date for the record?) Linda in Kansas

DUTA said...

Enjoy your new trail-camera!
The deer are a lovely bunch to look at! That's nice of you to feed them!
Well done regarding the airplane flyovers!

DeniseinVA said...

Glad your grandchildren are settling back into their school albeit virtually. It will be a very good thing – to put it mildly – for our lives to get back to normal. That’s a lot of deer and I did have a smile at the squabbling duo. Those flyovers sound very creepy and it’s an interesting explanation. Glad you got it sorted out. Wishing you all the happiest and healthiest of times in 2022.

Jeanie said...

I can imagine school online is easier for kids to sink into this time around and I'm glad it went well for Josephine. I don't think it will be for as long this time. Those deer are so lovely. I'm glad you touched base with the flyover people. At least it eases the mind a bit.

Thomas said...

I heard the same plane fly quite low over our home in Ottawa, which is unusual for downtown. I then checked out the track on flightradar and the weird figure 8 tracks over the Perth area earlier in the flight. Good they responded.