Friday 7 January 2022

Big trip to the city

 I simply could not face repackaging my new trailcamera, and using the return sticker to send it back to the warehouse in Manitoba. Some of the packaging went out with the trash, sadly. At the time it felt a  monumental task. Chatting with the dude online, he wanted to see my receipt. I'd have to scan it. I'd phoned the store, but the lines were jammed for a week. I gave up last week.

Their return policies are clear, 60 days from purchase. That was Nov. 4th, and it was Jan. 4th. I ended up emailing the store and explained my dilemma. Rebecca assured me she'd put this on my file, and I could return it to the Ottawa store ASAP. We went on Wednesday, the store is in Kanata and not too far into the city.

We felt comfortable going there, I went into the store alone, N95 mask in place. This Omicron is scary to us old farts. The camera is still charging (48 hours), but should be done by noon.

Can you see the deer in the field?! 

They must have been getting rid of the invasive phragmites.

I must sit and sketch some more. This might be a good one for me, or the next one. 

The snow fences are up on the open fields. You can see a lovely yellowy spot on the photo on left (below). It was a cold day, and I didn't want to open the car window! It's on the window. I should get rid of it, but I keep on forgetting about it. 

We were passed by an ambulance. A bad day for someone.

No more Lego for us! The girls are beyond it. We spent a fortune on it, they had lots of fun assembling it, but they've moved beyond it. 

I'm not sure what good the signage will do...

These big machines sit here!

I was curious to see if Otter Creek had any critters. Certainly there were tracks on it.

The fast flowing water is open, where the river water is squeezed through the channel. That said, there are ice fishing shacks on it!

It is freezing at the shore, and in the slow moving bays.

These canoes aren't going anywhere! I spotted three ponds people are using as skating rinks. It was fun to see.

We arrived home to our deer friends, who missed us!

Today's project is getting the cats to the vet for their annual exams and shots. 


Anvilcloud said...

Our cat is indoors and healthy and hates handling, so we keep away from vets. If she ever were to require administration of meds I think we would have to give her a merciful ending.

Tom said...

...the views along the way made the trip well worth it.

Thomas said...

Just a suggestion, don't use the lithium-ion batteries out in the cold - this will significantly shorten their lives. Check the manual and see what it says. We have some really cold days coming.

Karen said...

I spotted a friends (Rideau River Dr.) home in one of your photos. WAVING Hi

Nancy J said...

I am lots older than you and Omicron is scary for us too.Cafe meals are out for now, even though it isn't in our area at all. Supermarket trips are the most we do, not very exciting at all .love the scenic views as you travel, I confess, I had to Google Phragmites??? Had no idea they were invasive reeds.Stay safe, hope the trailcam gets sorted very soon .

Jenn Jilks said...

I hear you, AC! We had to put Mitzie down for the same reason. She didn't like us picking her up, let alone giving her meds. She was adopted but was feral at one point.
She had aspiration pneumonia from bacteria in her teeth. It was so sad. She couldn't eat her teeth were so sore. She had a fever and was quite ill.

RedPat said...

That is a lovely home coming greeting that you got.

William Kendall said...

I have a friend who's into Lego. He bought the Titanic to build. I said they need to have two or three other versions for the sake of being complete. The Titanic hitting the iceberg, the ship breaking up and sinking with a hundred Lego people in the water, and the pieces of the wreck as they are today.

Lorrie said...

Glad your outing was successful. You received a lovely welcome home.

Jeanie said...

It looks like a fun trip with some great scenery! Lizzie has a visiting vet, which is heaven. It's a little more for the visit but it beats taking her to the cat clinic like I used to have to do with Stimpy and Gypsy, till we found Anne.