Tuesday 2 November 2021

The old pine tree

I loved your comment about Diwali lights, YAM! It was early, but we needed cheering up in the dark of the night. One year (2000-ish), when he was living with me, I asked my youngest to help me hang the pagan lights. That worked for him! 

We went walkies, me an' my boy, and found the wetland filling up nicely. This will protect the critters that hibernate under the snow and ice.

This old white pine tree on lot #3 has had its day. Cinnamon likes it, but it is dead as a doornail. This will allow more water and sunlight for the young trees coming up. 

Another poor dead pine tree in the background. The cedars lean, too!

This old tree fell in May of this year [fallen tree]. I looked inside it, snagged a photo of the hollow core, and it would make a great shelter, if there wasn't so much traffic! This is a busy trail, now that the wetland is wet, again.

While the old pine trees fall, the little ones begin their journey.

Cinnamon smelled something VERY interesting here. His tail got pouffy, perhaps a coyote?!

I had another great adventure! 
My old hairdresser is on mat leave, and she had a replacement, who quit since the salon is being shut down. I had a cut with the replacement person a month ago, but since she is no longer available to me, I have to find a new one. For someone with anxiety, I was a bit anxious! I spent a lot of COVID doing my own hair and this week I tried a new salon. 

First photo is the before, the second after the cut! 

When I made it home, I grabbed a photo as I may never be able to recreate the 'DO'! 
I am so pleased. It was worth putting my face on for it!

In the meantime, back outside in the wind to try and clear away the leaves. This is after several passes, and still the leaves fall and blow in the wind!

❄ NOVEMBER 2021 ⛈ We'll see what it brings! November is usually windy. This is the historical data... our snow tires are on, so here we come! This morning it was 0 C.!



Anvilcloud said...

Yeah, they are pagan lights.

I like the last pic, which is also your header.

DUTA said...

She's good! You look great with the fresh cut!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Love the new header shot; adored the vid of Cin; and that hairdo shows exactly why trying something new is as good as a holiday! It's fab!!! YAM xx

Tom said...

...time takes its toll on everything.

Christine said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

eileeninmd said...


We are noticing some of our old pine trees are falling. At first I thought Cinnamon was a raccoon. Your new hairdo looks cute. Take care, enjoy your day!

Nancy J said...

Lovely hair cut, finding a new hairdresser, doctor or anyone else is always trying, I just hope the ones I have stay on till I am gone!!! Pouffy tails, then the hair on the ridge on their back rises up too, maybe like when our skin gets goosebumps. He is a great companion out there among the trees, as the little seedlings start to get taller. Down here, the Mum and Dad starling have made the nest in the letter box, and a careful peek yesterday, TWO eggs. The mail still gets put in and lands on top of the extra dry grass and straw!!!

RedPat said...

The haircut looks good! I got my snow tires on yesterday!

William Kendall said...

Cinnamon clearly loves scaling a tree.

Kay said...

Jenn, that IS a very nice haircut. You look gorgeous!

Jeanie said...

Love your very cute hair and photo. And Cinnamon has good camouflage in that tree!