Sunday, 14 November 2021

Pumpkin time!

I'm so grateful to live here. 😷COVID-19 cases are on the rise. We've gone from 7 cases on Nov. 1st in our health unit, to 32 cases. We continue to keep ourselves safe. Our Kingston trip is still off, as their cases are rising, as well. 

Off I went, down to the trailcams. But first, I wanted to grab another small pumpkin to put down beside the frogpond. I have three large ones, and take my time harvesting the seeds one pumpkin at a time a few days apart. I then place the pumpkins down by the trailcams for the deer. Someone (a raccoon?) helped itself to a pumpkin.

I had a large piece I'd saved after harvesting the seeds from pumpkin #1. It's on the left (below). Then I noticed the large hole in the pumpkin on the bench. Apparently, a deer has been at the pumpkin. I think a deer, as they whack at the with their hooves. I found a fully engorged tick inside it, which is another clue.

It was heavy, but I hauled it down to the forest and dropped it in front of trailcam #3. I won't be harvesting seeds out of this one!

Forest walkies.

I did another couple of loads of wood Wednesday and Thursday. 

As I was working, I noticed a frog on the path in front of the tractor. I took it down to the wetland. It was cold and slow. (Frog #39.)

This is my non-mental note to check the oil. I thought I added enough, but it still shows the light. 

It's coming along! This will give me space for next year's wood. We are not using our regular supplier, since he's both on the "No More Lockdowns" bandwagon, as well as taking government grant money for wages for his employees at the same time. He never did lock down, for pete's sake.  

Grampa and his cat. She is a bit flighty. The poor man has still got a sore arm (rotator cuff issues), as well as a sore neck (stress), so I am giving him TLC as best I can. 

Nutmeg was tapping a frog on the bum to make it jump and I thought I might as well take it down to the pond, too. Several were out in the sun and I captured 4. I took the 5 froggies down, came back up and found another. Back up at the house, I sat down to check the trailcam footage and I'd forgotten to change them out! I am turning 65 next month. I am entitled to a senior's moment!

JB and I both took frog #6 down.  My total, now: 45 frogs down at the pond. Then, Saturday, I found #46 and the girls took it down for me. 

I don't think it is the same ones coming back. They are looking for places to hunker down for winter. The frog pond and the wetland are much colder that the goldfish pond. The frogs there have already settled into the mud. But I could be wrong!

  • 🐻SNUGGLE Bears  – Caitlin asked if they'd provided POV. I assured her they did!


Anvilcloud said...

You do work hard.

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks for notifying me that I stirred the pot over at Kay's, but I am not going back to get involved. I will post some low-key political thoughts tomorrow. Kay just commented on a number of my posts, so I guess she wasn't offended.

Tom said...

...we got our booster this week, but still stay close to home.

William Kendall said...

As your regular supplier turned out to be like that, it was best to look elsewhere.

I can relate to JB today. Had a bad fall Friday night and am the walking wounded today.

Bindu said...

I have no idea about frogs and winter. What they will do in the pond? Can they survive winter in the pond or wetland?
rotator cuff muscle injury was my problem last year. I was doing some "massage" with a tennis ball.
I Hope, you will do a post about frogs in the winter.

RedPat said...

I am glad that you ae being careful. The numbers are getting scary again. The frogs are lucky to have you looking out for them.

E.liza"BETH" said...

that is so weird. i think i am commenting on the pumpkin post. i was clicking and i don't know what i did? i love your header shot. so fall. my fave. hope u r well this week. try not to be 2 way silly. u know that can get you in trouble. LOL! some fun is exciting though. take care. ( ;

Kay said...

I'm starting to feel COVID will never end. It's exhausting. Hawaii had 95 infections today and we are a small state. Our teenier island of Oahu (with Honolulu, Waikiki) had 33 cases. Surprisingly the Big Island which has a much smaller population had 25. And yes, we have Anti-Vaxxers here too.

Jeanie said...

Our numbers here are worse than they have ever been. Boosted and masked, still distancing, still nervous. You take care.