Sunday, 26 September 2021

Belleville <= there we went!

 We've done this trip before: Belleville for lunch! <= 2019 It was an election year, as well! The Autumn colours were spectacular that year.

I drove there, JB drove back. We met Nat and her friend at The Boathouse! I don't have many friends, but Nat and I try to meet. She lives in Timmins, but travels to Belleville more or less annually to visit friends. 

We ate and the clouds rolled in. No matter. Last time a thunderstorm rolled in just as we finished our lunch. 
The trumpeter swans ambled by.

It is a pretty harbour, with the restaurant right on the shore.

These are fairly expensive homes, right near the water. Some modern designs, too. When we drove further out from the city harbour, the homes changed.

This one is typical!

The gardens are nearly past their peak!

This is an old building, with the old name taken off: "W. S. Cook & Son." They've put in new windows and I can't read the rest! I'll bet it is an interesting home.

It was election day!

Note the windshield wiper/cover.

It seems as if the LDD caterpillars haven't ruined Autumn for us! There are splashes of colour here and there.

From Belleville to Tweed.

This used to be a delightful art gallery "Studio 737" (ANOTHER BLOG-IN! 2015). They tried to sell it as a gallery, but no takers. I bought a couple of pieces from them, and attended a wine and cheese open house, back in the day. I have a small brass Siggy Puchta heron sculpture I bought there.

Whoever bought it has really trashed it.

Turtle mitigation barriers

All along highway #7 are rivers, swamps and beaver ponds. Prime areas for turtles. No one I know likes to run them over, so the fences are terrific. They have a little "U" at the end which the turtles cannot navigate around.

I love the rocks. 

Here you can see the prime turtle territory.

"Get the Vax!" was on several signs along our way.


It was Nat's birthday, and we brought her some chocolates from our local shop. She is a fabulous knitter and also does crochet. Nat gifted me some new slippers and two delightful little handmade rabbits! They have featured twice with the bears. They were quite curious the first day, but got to know them the next.


Tom said...

...nice outing.

Anvilcloud said...

Glad for your meetup. Outdoor dining will soon not be an alternative.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Glad to see the stuffy herd is growing! I love how different all the homes are and do like to see old commercial buildings given new life as homes or studios. Wish that was the case for the gallery... YAM xx

Karen said...

I miss Belleville. Hopefully next summer I can get that way and meet with friends again.
Those Row Houses along the water front are pretty much identical to the ones recently built in Haileybury. I wonder if it was the same builder?
My father helped build Hwy 7 to the road it is today. It was a make work project for young men in the middle of the depression. There is a really nice website with lots of photos of the work happening. I think it's called Kings Highways something or other.

RedPat said...

I like those turtle fences!

Powell River Books said...

That's a lot of sailboats in one place. We have about an equal mix of sail and power boats here on the Strait of Georgia. - Margy

Nancy J said...

The little family is growing, and hand knitted is wonderful.So good to meet up with friends, mine live SO far away, 5 plus hours drive is too far these days., The fences to keep the turtles safe, a great innovation.

William Kendall said...

The swans are beautiful.

DUTA said...

Lovely photos, especially the ones of the two couples: You, JB,and your friends!
Even if I had the money, I wouldn't buy a house near the water. We are experiencing climate change, and predictions are many places will be under the water.

Lowcarb team member said...

That did look and sound a very nice outing, I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

All the best Jan

Kay said...

What a wonderful day you've had. I love that you were able to be outdoor to have your get-together.

Christine said...

So glad to see you having a lovely get together, way overdue.

Breathtaking said...

Hello,:=) It's special to meet up with friends when you live far away from each other.The photos of you and your friends are lovely, and the views from the restaurant are very nice indeed. Did Your friend Nat make all your collection of cuddly animals? I like the cute Rabbits, and all your collection is so endearing placed together.

The fence by the roadside is a good idea to protect the turtles, and the area where they inhabit is wild and wonderful. I love rocks, near water.

All the houses are so different from the ones I see here, so it was very interesting to see them. It's good to get out again, and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Out in my neck of the woods. We frequently go down to the harbour and see the swans. Tweed is a lovely town, used to work there years ago. Glad you had a good visit.

Jeanie said...

What a great day out. Belleville looks like a lovely town -- I am such a sucker for harbor towns and this one is a gem!