Friday, 6 November 2015


I have met up with several Internet friends. It's fun meeting someone in person –having communicated with them for a long time. (I did some internet dating between husbands, but we won't go there!) We don't have any close friends nearby. It was fun to meet up with people we know in other places. Living vicariously through my blog buddy travels, their photos are amazing.
I think I've met 4 people.

My blog-ins

#1. Leigh we met with, with her husband in Perth for lunch.
#2. Kay and her husband we met in Vancouver. They were on their way home to Alberta, and we were there for the big wedding.
#3. We've dropped in on Nancy, but also stayed at her resort for a week, and I stayed with her while I was at a conference in Huntsville, as well.
#4. Hilary and I have never met, either. She is a wonderful amateur photographer. Her blog photos are amazing, and she is a lovely person.

Wed., Nov. 4th

We set off at 10:00 a.m., it was supposed to be a lovely day, in a series of unexpectedly warm days. It feels more like September than November. The trip along highway #7 is lovely –in all seasons. It would have been spectacular with the fall leaves, but with the leaves down, it was lovely to see homes and hills we cannot normally view. You'll forgive all these photos (I took 166!), but I'm thinking of sketching some of these, for Paint Party Friday. Plus, bless his heart, hubby drives and can't see all of the scenery, allowing me to do my photography!

I bought my first piece of real art in Tweed, Studio 737. They have just closed the store in early fall, unable to sell it. We've bought quite a few pieces here, too. Like my turtle!

All of the blueberry shacks, shut tightly, are a reflection of a summer well-lived.

I recall Kaladar, where I managed to get a speeding ticket in 1993. Sure enough, there was someone stopped!

I like travelling highway #7. It brings back fond memories. When we first moved to Ottawa (1981), I would travel back with kids to visit my parents in Toronto in winter, and then Muskoka in summer, where they moved permanently in 1991.

We agreed to meet Hilary in Kelly's in Tweed. We've been here quite a few times, sometimes for picnics.
Sir John in Tweed and OttawaA trip to Tweed to see the river and birds.
Our server has worked here 20 years, she told hubby. He said she wasn't old enough, but she assured him that she'd started when she was 14!
Such a lovely time visiting with Hilary, and sharing our backgrounds, cat stories, and moving stories. Hubby wins, since he has moved 22 times!

We made it down to Stoco Lake, having taken a walkabout. Lots of geese and gulls.

We took the long way home, avoiding Highway #7. I was navigating and we were about to take the Westport Rd., when hubby reminded me that the bridge was closed. They were scheduled to open it Wednesday, but you never know about road work.


Olga said...

Such a grand time captured in all those photos.

Olga said...

Such a grand time captured in your photos. I really feel like I was peeking over your shoulder.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, wonderful set of photos. Looks like a fun time and so ncie to meet fellow bloggers. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Out To Pasture said...

How nice it must have been to meet some blog buddies! If you are ever down to the Winchester/Metcalfe area, let me know and I'll put on a pot of coffee! Great also to see your travel pics. Reminds me that there is so much interest and beauty beyond my own fences. Cheers!
-- Florence

Red said...

You take some fascinating road trips. I was happy to see Hilary appear back on the blog.

William Kendall said...

Highway 7 is lovely this time of year, and I've always liked Tweed as a place.

Karen said...

I know this route well. Sometimes we go this way to Peterborough.
One of my trips to the Patch, Hilary and I are going to meet for coffee! I've met several of knitting blogger mates.

Hilary said...

It was a fun day. Thank you both for that. :)

Powell River Books said...

I had a chance to meet with Kay when she was in White Rock several years ago. She's a fun person and has had so many different experiences. - Margy

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How neat!