Friday, 19 March 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 25 Thursday

 I got up at 7 a.m., headed into the bathroom. I thought I saw motion in Isabelle's room. Out I came, and ambled down the hall. Isabelle surprised me at from the top of the stairs, "Boo!" She got me. 

I went downstairs to wake Josephine, and I couldn't make the bed bounce. It is a nice firm mattress.

Iz was supposed to be doing leg lifts, except there wasn't room in her office/bedroom. I imagine a lot of kids have that problem! Next, an emergency, running downstairs, she said she needed paper to draw on. I stopped my workout to find some. Whew! She drew a dragon while waiting for her group to meet. They are doing a project on a trip to Athens. I always gave kids the opportunity to work alone if a group didn't work out. 

One kid is drawing a dragon, the other a wolf and wolf pup. Jos is working on an animated cartoon, using her drawings.

This morning I heard a 🐣robin. Spring is on its way. Fuzzy and mommy watched me in the forest.

The girls carried on. Jos was doing math. This reminds me of the overhead projectors we used to have to use. Just a bit of a notch up in technology.

We took our outdoor break. Two girls were up in the tree. Next, they raced down the driveway. I followed.

After dinner, JB and I have been watching Australian Zoo, with Terry, Robert, and Bindi Irwin. The girls sort of watch it with us. I gave them some books written by Bindi, and thought they would be interested. Bindi was married last year, and is due to have a baby girl soon.

It's about $145 CAD to get into the Australian Zoo. Not cheap, but they have a lot of overhead! They do a lot of good, as well. They rescue and release quite a few critters. They took in many koalas from the big fires they had.

"Australia Zoo is a 1,000-acre zoo located in the Australian state of Queensland on the Sunshine Coast near Beerwah/Glass House Mountains."

Dinner entertainment was a lecture by Grampa on the Ottoman Empire. All that since Grampa named the turkeys Otto, Stan, and a third who had turned up: Achbar. I think you had to be there...

Our 😷COVID-19 cases are up, again. Ottawa had a 25% increase in a week. They are in the red. In our health unit, we are up from 94 to 99 from a low of 8 in the beginning of March. 

Not only the Perth Curling Club have been spreading COVID–19, rumour has it, there are D/NE 8 firefighters with COVID–19, and 6 plumbers from one business. Mask much?  

🚗2020 Collisions in Ontario
There were interesting statistics published by our OPP.   While traffic incidents were down, 26%, fatalities were up by 22%. That is nuts. I have noticed how busy the highway has been, and how fast they go. The propane trucks scare me! Then there are people like this:


Anvilcloud said...

Not long ago, Lanark East was the hardest hit. This would have been something that no one wanted to share.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Oh, I remember those overhead projectors and threading film onto the projectors. Our covid cases are going down, still waiting for vaccinations in our age group.

Tom said...

...I've read here that driving is a bit down here, but drivers are driving faster.

RedPat said...

I noticed a lot of traffic around today! The case numbers are getting scary again- 1745 today in Ont.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
??? "It's about $145 CAD to get into the Australian Zoo." I am guessing you mean for two adults and two kids. By any standards, though, it is not cheap though as you rightly point out, that place as far more than your average 'zoo'! I went, many years back. It was a delightful visit. YAM xx

Karen said...

The news just reported an outbreak in the Barrys Bay area that will probably toss us back a notch too. A bunch of students attended a social gathering outside of school.

William Kendall said...

It really is feeling like this whole situation is never going to end.

Nancy J said...

How technology advances, slates, pencils, then lead pencils, pens with a bladder for ink, ball point pens, now iPads and laptops. Here, we have been told the 2 local banks will close at the end of March, and many people do not have a smart phone, an internet connection or a laptop and do not know how to do banking other than to visit a real bank.One friend says he will have to do it all for his parents, and I am guessing they would be about my age. School continues, the troopers do so well to get the lessons started on time, where was the bus today??

Cloudia said...

You are the recorder of animals, finder of paper, safety officer, and friend to all!