Sunday, 28 April 2019

I won a new TV stand!

OK, I didn't actually 'win' it, but I bid on it online through Hands Auction. I didn't get the lovely music cabinet. That went for $110! Too much for a fun piece. I was going to store craft supplies in it!

You can't get there from here! Lanark County is notoriously wet, and low lying. We've flooding all across the province, we're not the only ones. We're flooding in three provinces.

 Along the way...
Hubby thought this could say "Effin' birds!"

I life looking at the different house styles. I shall sprinkle them throughout.

We saw some like this in August, 2016.

We made it. They loaded up the car for us, and off we went. I love this car!

This was title some sort of community building!

This old farm is for sale. Across the road is what I think is the original cemetery.

Then, there was the pet pig in the flooded field, followed by another cemetery.

These are all drive-by shooting, you'll forgive me.

We had to stop here. Aren't they adorable?! There was another white one on the other side.

From the dashcam. It was rainy, but you get the idea. We'd just left a fudgy road, and hit pavement again.
Duck crossing from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The wrap around porches are JB's fave. This one is high and dry. There are lots of homes with huge flows from sump pumps in their basements.

I love this: Jellyby Rd.

An amazing farm. Many are small, many now hobby farms, but this is a serious business.

There is an open house for the former Antique Store. They are landscaping, have painted the new windows. Here is the tale of the renovations. Otter Creek Antiques: Store Deconstruction in Lombardy.

Feeding the ducks, I trundled down to the pond. Trailcam #2, trained on the forest, captured nothing. Trailcam #1 I had forgotten to turn on before I left. I shook my head. I've moved #2 to the frog pond to capture more action. I wanted to see how often and when the momma's left the nest. I'd like a peek to get an egg count. Not today, however. Look at the temperature.

There are power outages, some due to the flooding, others are having their power cut due to the danger. I feel badly for those experiencing Flooding in Ontario and Québec.

Back to my story.
I managed to get the TV stand into the basement with the dolly. It was tricky. I lifted up the old TV stand, to get it out of the way, and it collapsed! The glueing had failed. Well, no loss.

The new one will give us some storage. It gives us more of an adult living room, too!

The cats (Hooper and Annie) inspected it, while hubby snuggled by the fire, watching curling. They aren't curlers like Daisy was! I've dreamed about her two nights in a row. It's getting easier, sort of.


Nancy J said...

I drove along with you both, loved the stories. Water everywhere, a new TV cabinet, great win!!! Keep dry and warm.XXXX

Olga said...

As they say, "Fine weather for ducks."

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I too came along on the road trip - having actually done that with you, I can 'feel' it!!! The new stand looks great. YAM xx (who is trying to keep up but OZ is taking focus away somewhat. Fair enough I s'pose!)

Red said...

there's an amazing amount of water in your area. I hope the precipitation stops until things dry up.

William Kendall said...

You'd think the birds would just fly across the road instead of walk.

Christine said...

Congrats on the tv stand, I have never bid on anything.