This was a lovely, old antique store in Lombardy. A creek runs behind it, Otter Creek. 

Formerly a c1837, stone, Bell switchboard company bldg. with an additional turn-of-the-century red brick building, plus an add-on cinder block bldg. Main floor features 3 rooms & 2 pce bath. 2nd level features 3 rooms with a partially constructed unfinished loft. Stone basement houses an abundance of storage space. On well & septic. Surveyed. Lot size 0.27 acres (+/-). 

There is an extension on the right, built after the stone house was constructed. It is on the east side of the building, very close to the road. Apparently, the newpart used to be the post office and the Bell building, where local people would go and pay their bills, they tell me. 

I noticed, as I drove past, that they were deconstructing it! It caught my notice, as they had scaffolding up, and were removing bricks. 

Oct. 9

Oct. 11

Next, the roof disappeared!

Tues., Oct. 16

Thursday, Oct. 18

You can see through the windows to the other side. In the front, the walls are coming down.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

By now, the walls were coming down on the main floor.

Oct. 25

They are refurbishing the bridge. It's very handy to stop here.

I decided to go on the cross street, to see what was what!

I asked someone working on the stone and mortar. Apparently, the person who bought it decided to tear down the extension, as it was too far gone to bring it up to code. The oldest part has an oven in the basement, the man thought it was a bakery at some point. I'm sure it was!

Nov. 6

Nov. 8

I drove by at 12:45, came back at 4:15. GONE!

They are renovating it to make it into a two-bedroom home. My daughter tells me this is a Bench Mark indicating known elevation above sea level.
100 Years of Geodetic Surveys in Canada

Nov. 12 & 14

Nov. 29

April 18, 2019

Its renovations are coming along. They had an open house, for it to be resold. I don't know what happened. The signage is gone.

May 8, 2019

It's now being listed for sale. There were extensive renovations. The old wood floors are gone, with new appliances. It is a very small property, surrounded by Rideau Ferry Rd., Blacksmith Rd., Otter Creek, and a park.
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May 10

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