Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Home, home on the range

The wood duck nesting boxes are FULL! Three boxes, three females. Box #3, the one on the left in the photo, has 5, perhaps 6 eggs. I didn't want to mess around in it. The female flew off as she heard me approach.

I figured I might as well peek. I'll use my snake scope a little later. Not today, it is raining.

The frog pond drains into the wetland. Hooper carefully navigated the little stream of water. What a pal.

I heard one last night, extensive calling in the dark. Perhaps they are going to nest here, again. They didn't nest here last year, 2018. They did in 2017, when the lone chick was killed by jays. They male didn't hang around. They did in 2016, when they fledged twins, but the male fed them, too.
This is the female just in front of the nesting cavity in an archive photo. 


It's all abuzz on blogs, people getting into gardens, doing work, cleaning up after a long winter. 
I gave myself a non-mental note to move the butterfly, since the tree is dead (Dutch Elm Disease), and has regularly been losing branches. I figured the photo would be my reminder. It didn't work. Over it went. Right on my garden.

It lost some parts, which I popped in.

All cleaned up, repaired, and repainted. I still need to get the tree cut up and moved. I need a lad with a chain saw!

I've had word that we had a bear going after bird feeders around the lake [April 18 – Bear trap set up in Otty Lake area. ], they trapped him (a 2-year-old, after he was on a back deck) so we know they are on the move. It was time for me to remove my front yard feeders.

Next thing: to replace the  bird bath, which is about to fall apart.

I've almost got the pump working in the goldfish pond. It needs more work. Long story, best not told!
 A chickadee was having a drink.

Ontario Flooding

There is flooding everywhere in the country. Ontario, into Quebec, for example. Out west and out east. Lanark County has quite a few areas where the roads have been closed.

Lanark village battles early spring flooding along the Clyde #ottnews #ottawavalley
— Inside Ottawa Valley (@InOttValley) April 23, 2019

We are up a small hill. For this, we are grateful.


Christine said...

Scary flood watch. Enjoyed your wood duck video.

Nancy J said...

Loved the duck video, eggs galore, and Hooper, you are a savvy fellow to find the best way and keep those paws dry.

Red said...

56 - 70 days is along time for mother duck to look after little guys.

Olga said...

I think your life can never be boring. Wood ducks are so beautiful.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully the ducks have a good season.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I hope you stay safe from the floods. It must be scary to worry about the dam being damaged. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!