Friday, 26 April 2019

A day for good deeds!

April 25
The flooding is awful and about to get worse. We anticipate 10 - 20 mm more rain from this storm.

The city of Ottawa has declared an emergency, as has Bracebridge: see my map here:  Flooding in Ontario. There is flooding in Quebec, and they are worried that the dam might burst. They've released a video of the dam, and evacuated 50 people.

1. Flooding victims

I had to do something. First stop, the grocery store. Barnabe's YIG in Perth has been really good to citizens. I thought they might help. I chose some food, and went to the Customer Service Departments. I asked if they could discount the muffins and water for me. They graciously donated it all! 

I felt so badly with the people filling and/or grabbing sand bags to shore up their shore lines. Our backs preclude this lifting.

Several local roads providing access to homes around Mississippi Lake continue to be either partially or completely flooded. Residents should not attempt to drive down these roads and should exercise caution when approaching all flooded areas. Private roads in the following areas are currently affected:
• Grasshopper Point
• McCollough’s Landing Road
• Flintoff Bay Road
• Craig’s Shore
• Pretties Island
• Ebbs Bay Drive

The young, pretty one on the left, had the day off. She lived up the road where she wasn't affected by the risen water. She came to fill bags for her neighbours.

What else could I do? I keep reading the reports, and they are terrible.


Flooding continues to affect properties along the shores of the Mississippi River and Mississippi Lake. The Township of Drummond/North Elmsley is estimating that at least 50 full-time residences and seasonal cottages have been impacted.
The latest flood warning information from Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) has indicated that water levels have stabilized at 135.66 m (slightly below those reached in 1998), though wind activity may cause wave run-up and erosion. More rain is predicted for Friday and the impact on flood levels will depend on the amount and vicinity of the rainfall. Further water level and flooding information can be found on the MVCA website.
Approximately 20,000 sandbags have been deployed and supplies are being replenished as needed. Township staff and volunteers have concentrated their efforts at the Drummond public works garage and are now assisting residents in filling sandbags. Residents and volunteers are being asked to visit the garage, located at 1920 Drummond Concession 7 to pick up supplies or provide assistance.

2. Good deed #2.

Off to visit my client for three hours. I tried to tell self-deprecating stories; I told her about my ditch diving for garbage [Earth Day 2019], our 🐤WOOD DUCKSour grandkids' visitAlso, she asked  about JB and I told her that JB was walking down to the pond to see the ducks as I left. She thought he shouldn't be out walking alone! Oh, my. She does worry. 

3. Hitch hiking

On my way home, I saw this pair trying to hitch a ride. I don't pick people up. Never. This pair were a hoot, though. One had a walker. They live at Rideau Ferry Country Home, nearly 2 km up the road. I cleaned out back seat, and the trunk, and put the walker in the back. They had gone for a walk down to the lake, and didn't think they could make it back.

That's three good deeds! My week is done.


RedPat said...

You are a good person!

Nancy J said...

Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes, and what a wonderful store to donate all that goodness in your car. Then friends and neighbours out helping too. But, hitch hiking with a walker!!! That gives me the brightest start to my Saturday down here. We are OK, Monday sees all activity on the alterations start again in earnest.The spare storage room is full of plumbing goodies!!!

William Kendall said...

Dry weather would be welcome right about now!

Red said...

Three good deeds? I think you're in line for saint hood or something like that. I'm still working on the third good deed of my life time.!

Anvilcloud said...

Thumbs up. You've done your bit.

Jenn Jilks said...

You are funny, Red. You take people birding all the time!