Monday, 22 April 2019

Earth Day 2019

UPDATE: April 24 –  I'm up to SEVEN bags. I did another part of the road, it was frozen before. It looks as if someone went into the ditch at some point,  red tail light plastic and the drainage pipe is bent.

UPDATE: April 23rd – I came home from my client's house and saw all this in the ditch. I picked it up, as it would blow away in the storm that is coming. That makes SIX bags full!

We did our part. Garbage day is Mondays, so I wanted to get this picked up. Plus, there is less frantic traffic on a Sunday, than during the week. I already picked up two bags worth of garbage [Earth Day April 11th – ditch diving]. I asked JB to help, since I just felt safer with him there. The traffic is so awful. I thought a Sunday would be a little quieter, men in pickup trucks aren't in a hurry to get to a job. There was a guy in a black pickup coming out of a nearby road, who roared past gunning the engine. I have a low startle reflex, and it is worrisome.

The blue bag has been in the ditch for awhile. It is full of Christmas wrapping paper.

We heard a yellow-bellied sapsucker nailing his beak to the metal antenna. It could be ours, as it was very close. The only other critter was a lovely grass snake! It slithered off into the dead grasses.

My amazing assistant. He didn't laugh when I nearly fell in the soft muck several times. Or when I was scrambling up the steep sides of the ditch!

The silt from the rock fills the bottom of the ditch, and it is much like quick sand!

My foot was bothering me, JB went on ahead.

There is stuff where I picked up a few weeks ago. Sigh.

It's really wet in there.

If there isn't oncoming traffic, the good drivers move away some.

The water is too deep, in spots, to get in it.

What did you do for Earth Day?


Anvilcloud said...

Well good for you for doing that.

Powell River Books said...

You are such a good person. We are having a sunny earth day in Oregon in our new RV. Off to softball games tomorrow after we find a place to stash our RV in a grocery store lot. We need to shop anyway so it should pay our way. - Margy

RedPat said...

Good for you! I recycled some metal bits and went for a nice walk in the sun which we haven't seen for a while!

Anni said...

You did GREAT...if only everyone would do this, what a wonderful world it would be!

Angie said...

Jenn - OK. You have inspired me. I have been talking to my hubby about picking up trash along the highway, but that's all it's been - talk. Tomorrow I am going to get on it. Thank you, my friend, for leading the way. (And I liked your last couple of posts about the bear. Hope it stays away.)

eileeninmd said...


That is a great way to spend your Earth Day! I wish people would not throw their trash out their car windows. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week ahead.

William Kendall said...

People can be so thoughtless.