📈Election 44

 📈Canada is heading for a federal election. They dropped the Writ on Sunday, August 15th. As if we need an election. Basically, it's a fight for power between Liberals and Conservatives. It's thirty-six days of chaos, backbiting, snarky.  VOTING DAY, Monday, September 20th.

"The PPC ran on a campaign to phase out all pandemic spending programs, eliminate multicultural funding, limit the number of immigrants, abandon greenhouse gas emissions-reduction targets and repeal laws that limit expression online."

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This should be criminal.

August 18th

I'm watching polls, because it is interesting. This was CTV's conclusion August 14th.

The Issues
There are many issues. Electors need to figure out federal jurisdiction, rather than provincial or municipal issues. 
A pandemic, multiple political scandals, Indigenous Reconciliation (or lack thereof), government spending, the economy, Climate Change, .
The two Michaels and Robert Schellenberg, are just three of 119 Canadians incarcerated in China.

I'm registered to vote. I did it online. Canadians can 📩vote by mail📬, as well, but if you sign up for that, you can't vote in person.
#Election2021 The leadership debates will take place (French) Wednesday, September 8th & (English) Thursday, September 9th. #elxn44 #cdnpoli

Election 43 –  2019

Election 42 – 2015

Our Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Riding results in 2015.

Media in Canada - the bias is real, this is why we protest Conservative owned media. #Elxn44 #Canada pic.twitter.com/s3yRigZ2el

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 MPPs with a vaccine

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