Thursday, 21 April 2016

TV Movie: Til Death Us Do Part

Til Death Us Do Part (2014)

I have fun tracking them. Good for those rainy days and cool nights!
This was a creepy one, which highlights the truth of domestic violence. It is insidious and perpetrators groom their victims in very subtle ways.
I would recommend this one, for sure. Filmed in B.C. I watched it Thursday, April 21.
The plot is simple: a woman with a heart defect marries a creepy doctor after only a short engagement. The sister-in-law is the weirdo, who is involved in renos on their new house, as well as working on the gardens. Kinda strange.
Our poor victim tries to save some evidence on a memory stick, having hacked into her husband's computer, but it didn't seem to upload. I'd have gone to other means, like sending myself an email of the data.

Some of the details are somewhat jarring,  i.e.,the creepy, goth sister-in-law. Sometimes I get sickened by the actions of, for example, police who ignore or assuage victims. The script was a bit iffy. This film perpetuates victims as mindless, the police as insipid. While many of these films purport to take place in the USA, with different laws, I'd have submitted it to someone for verification and authenticity. We have come a long way in Canada in protecting victims of domestic violence, and preventing them coming to harm. These cops were horribly rude and ineffectual.

Filming locations

Whonnock Lake Park.
Whonnock Elementary School, Maple Ridge, B.C.
Stomping Grounds Coffee House, Pitt Meadows, B.C.

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